Tuesday 4 October 2022

1/700 HMS Echo, HMS Electra and a German Preview


A very quick update today as I've added a second Destroyer to the one I showed off a couple of days ago.

Both ships are E Class Destroyers one I bought separately and one came in the HMS Hood Box.

Both ships are painted and based in the same manner, although I have done a little more with the sea foam effect on HMS Electra to give the illusion of a faster speed than HMS Echo.

I really like the way the foam looks and how it looks as a bow wave as well as splashes along the side of the ship. Very effective. I still plan to do some rigging on the ships, ordering the line has been a bit of a challenge, the first time I got the wrong colour, the second time my dog got to the post before me and ate it !

The third roll is en route now.

And here's a preview of the next two ships Z32 and Z33 German Destroyers.


  1. Completely evocative result. They really have momentum ... I see them slicing through the waters. Speaking of which, your water colours are very nice too.

  2. Nice modeling,especially like the colors.