Friday 6 October 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 48 Peter Thompson - Pro Arte Brushes


Its Podcast time again, this episode I've stepped aside from the usual format to get a deep dive into the world of paint brushes.

My guest is Peter Thompson, the head honcho at Pro Arte a company based in my favourite place in the world, Skipton.

The episode is available on all major Podcast hosts or via the link below,

We had a lovely chat covering the history of the company before moving on and discussing the finer points (pun intended) of the brush making world. From brush types, to materials, to handles, to brush care, its all there.

Its important for me to step slightly outside the Wargaming World and have guests who can enlighten us on aspects that maybe sit just outside our hobby yet still have a big influence on it, I hope you enjoy it.

The main Pro Arte website detailing the full range of brushes is here,

Pro Arte UK Artist Paint Brush Makers | Watercolour, Acytlic Oil Painting

Recently a company called ABC Brushes has started to attend UK Wargames shows selling some Pro Arte brushes so you should be able to pick some up there.

ABC Brushes

My next episode will be with the Big Game rule writer, Dave Brown.

Until then, Sithee


Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer


Monday 25 September 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 47 David Manley - Naval Wargaming


Welcome to Episode 47 of the Podcast and this time we take a look at one of my  favourite Wargaming niches, that is Naval Wargaming.

The episode is avaliable on all major Podcast hosts or via the link below

And to help me on that journey I have press ganged David Manley to guide us through a minefield of turning circles, broadside markers and wind gauges.

David has been involved in Naval Wargaming most of his life, inspired by his fathers service in The Royal Navy in WW2, he has gone on to a career in Naval Ship design and currently uses wargaming within his course content at UCL.

If its Ancient Galleys, Ships of the Line, Pre and Post Dreadnoughts or Nuclear Powered Carriers, David has written a set of rules for them or desigend a 3d ship for them so who better to help us get our feet wet.

David's rules and 3d ships can be found on the link below,

Sit back and enjoy our chat about all things Naval.

The next episode will be out in 10 days, its already recorded. I will be speaking with Peter Thompson who is the owner of Pro Arte, The manufacturer and supplier of paint brushes to Yarkshire Gamer (and a few others !) for over 40 years.

The last episode is also now available on the utubes

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

Thursday 14 September 2023

The Grand Final of The World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules


OK it's time to vote, it's the Final !

Voting open until 14.30 on this Sunday 17th Sept.

#WW2 vs #Napoleonics - Sean Bean as Sharpe vs Anthony Hopkins as Frost - @TooFatLardies vs @TooFatLardies - skirmish vs skirmish (insert shaking head emoji)

#wargames #wargaming #history

We have a winner ! 

On the 22/7/23 The Yarkshire Gamer World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules began.

105 sets of rules were nominated, 14,111 were votes cast. At the end there could be only one winner and that of course is Wargaming 😎

With 612 votes to 575 Chain of Command is thetop dog over Sharp Practice. 

Congrats to @TooFatLardies and @Dozibugger for getting 2 sets of their rules in the final it's a fantastic achievement in itself especially with the volume of votes cast.

Although our tables look very different I admire massively their drive and determination to push the boundaries of our hobby, to make it accessible to more people. By doing events like those at the Hartenstein Hotel and the We Have Ways Festival they are fantastic ambassadors for our hobby.

I think that the Lardies and their community do an excellent job in spreading a brand of fun and interactive way of Wargaming that is not only entertaining but is also firmly based in the history.

I Salute You

Now stop mucking about with skirmish games and get some figures on table 🙄 😆

Regards and Respect 

The Yarkshire Gamer

#wargames #wargaming #history #tabletopgaming 

Thursday 7 September 2023

World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules - The Semi Finals


OK here we go again, it's Semi Finals time and the first one sets the 2 remaining WW2 Rules in the competition against each other, it's O Group vs Chain of Command. 

O Group is relatively new to the scene but has generated a dedicated set of players who enjoy the set immensely. It's been a long journey to the Semis making its way through a tough 1st Round against Crossfire, then defeating the old school Behemoth WRG Ancients in Rd 2. A classic scrap in the QFs was won against For King and Parliament.

Chain of Command has proved hugely popular since its introduction and is the go to skirmish level game for WW2. The last seeded rule set in the competition it saw off Mortem et Gloriam in Round 2 before beating General de Armee (another Dave Brown set) in the Quarters.

Are you Team Brown or Team Clarke, time to decide and get voting below

#wargaming #wargames #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #History


The second semi final is up for voting and it sees To the Strongest take on Sharp Practice.

It's Spears vs Muskets in the last hurdle before the Final !

Friday 25 August 2023

Quarter Finals of The World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules


The Quarter Final lineup is complete, with once again some really interesting match ups, there have been just shy of 9,000 votes to date, thanks to everyone for getting involved. Matches start 29th Aug

Quarter Final 1

The first of the Quarter Finals sees For King and Parliament take on O Group, its ECW vs WW2 for a place in the Semis. Voting link below

O Group is the winner with 55 % of 649 votes cast.

Quarter Final 2

QF2 is up 2 vote on & its Lion Rampant vs To the Strongest and if previous voting patterns continue this should be very close.
Voting link below
In QF1 there have been 500 votes on the 1st day and O Group is just ahead of For King and Parliament 

The winner is To the Strongest with 54 % of the vote

Quarter Final 3

With 1,000 votes already cast in QF1 & 2 this could really take off. Sharp Practice vs Battlegroup. It's #Napoleonic vs #WW2 the 2 most popular periods.
We need a winner and we've got just 3 days to do it, it's time to choose your team. Link 👇
#wargaming #wargames #history

Sharp Practice has prevailed in this high voting and at times extremely close match up with 53% of the vote.

The last QF is underway today and its another corker. General de Armee takes on Chain of Command.

General de Armee is a big battle Napoleonic game from the pen of Dave Brown. It saw off The Men Who would be Kings in the first round and then Fire and Fury in an epic 2nd Round clash. Could Dave get two sets in the semi finals.

Chain of Command is a WW2 Skirmish Game which is one of the most popular for that genre. It's the last remaining "seeded" rule set in the competition having defeated Mortem et Gloriam in Round 2. It has a big following so lets see if they turn out.

In QF two To the Strongest is ahead of Lion Rampant by 5 votes with 460 cast. Whilst QF 3 I turning into the heavyweight match up we were hoping for. Battlegroup is just 4 votes ahead of Sharp Practice with nearly 900 votes cast. Both are way to close to call.

O Group has qualified for the semi finals this morning, but the other two quarters are remarkably close.

So one last time for this round, get voting !

Chain of Command eases through with 72% of the vote.

There have been just shy of 12,000 votes overall so far, Semis will start on Thursday 

Monday 14 August 2023

Round 2 of the World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules


Round 1 is over and Round 2 will see the seeded rule sets enter and then its a straight knock out through to the final.

There will be one game set off each day for the next 8 days, each poll will be open for 72 hours.

We have 5 Napoleonic, 4 WW2, 3 Ancient, 1ACW, 1 Medieval, 1 Horse and Musket, 1ECW.

Or 13 Big Battle and 3 Skirmish sets (queue arguments about what is a Skirmish Game !

Apologies but voting will only count on Facebook, I appreciate that some people arent on there, but although enjoying, this has been massively time consuming so limiting voting to one source is the only way I can manage it.

Round 2 games below, may the best set win, there can be only one ! 

Game 1

We are off again. RD2 Game 1, it's the #Napoleonic classic In the Grand Manner vs the #ECW new boy For King and Parliament, voting on the link below. Winner through to Quarter Finals 

The winner is, For King and Parliament with 60% of the vote.

Game 2

Game 2 Rd2, is an all #WW2 affair. Classic Rapid Fire vs Battlegroup, both larger game sets in the same period. Battlegroup has really got its vote out in previous rounds, this could be interesting. Link below

Battlegroup again through comfortably with 62% of the vote with nearly 750 votes cast.

Game 3

Game 3 Round 2 sees old vs new in many ways. Will O Group pick the right orders or will WRG Ancients find an obscure ruling in para to force a win !
Get Voting Now (link below)

O Group wins with a whopping 69% of the vote.

Game 4

Game 4 Round 2, an really old school classic against a modern classic. Can nostalgia defeat innovation, 48 fig Battalions and Canister cones, vs sabot bases and card activation, there can be only one, get voting ! Link below

No Room for nostalgia here, Sharp Practice through with 68% of the vote.

Game 5

No rest, it's Game 5 of Round 2. #ACW vs #Napoleonic or USA vs UK, both big battle sets its another great match up. Voting link below.

General de Armee wins through with 60% of the vote.

Game 6

Time for Game 6 Round 2 brings together two very different rules, Black Powder and Too the Strongest.

So will To the Strongest be the Strongest again or will Black Powder drop their rule book on TTS and knock them out (literally).

A close fought contest with To the Strongest going through with 54% of the vote.

Game 7

Game 7 Rd 2 is an absolute banger ! Chain of Command a hugely popular set of #WW2 Rules and Mortem et Gloriam a set of early history rules with a proven track record in the Cup.

Let battle commence ! Link below

A big win for Chain of Command with 74% of the vote means we say goodbye to MeG

Game 8

Final one of Rd 2, the legendary Bruce Quarrie Napoleonics vs Lion Rampant.

At least Quarrie was winning 1 - 0 after I voted 😆

Last one before the quarters so get voting ! Link below

Sad to say my last horse has fallen, Lion Rampant has won with 56% of the vote.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Yarkshire Gamers World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules


Hi Everyone, I'm currently running a World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules and although I don't blog anywhere as much as I used to I thought it would be a good idea to have a central location for all the information.

Inspired by the Podcast "The Rest is History" who have done this in the past I thought I would do the same first for Wargames Rules and may at the end of the year for figure manufacturers.

So here is how it's going to work,

There will be an open public vote to nominate the top 16 sets of Wargames Rules who will compete in Round 1.

To be eligible a rule set must be for Miniatures and must be Historical. Rules with more than one version will only have one entry as will series of rules. So WRG Ancients is in as one entry, not one per version.

The winning 8 Rules will then enter Round 2 where they will play 8 pre seeded teams, after that it is a straight knock out.

Voting will be done on Facebook via their poll system, whilst I understand that this will exclude some, I am doing this for fun and having one lot of votes to look at makes it a lot easier (there were 2,700 votes in the Preliminary Round.

The Seeds are

1. In the Grand Manner

2. WRG Ancients

3. Fire and Fury

4. Chain of Command

5. Bruce Quarrie Napoleonics

6. Black Powder

7. Charles Grants Wargame

8. Rapid Fire 

We could argue forever about the seeds but for the first one (if I do it again the quarter finalists will be seeded) I choose what I thought had been the most important during my 45 years in the hobby. 

It's  certainly not based on what I play, I have had a go at 5 of the 8, I actively dislike 2 of them and would say I've only really played one of them alot, but I would happily defend any of their positions as a seed.

The Preliminary Round has been completed on the 25th July with the following results

Well everyone the Preliminary Round of the Yarkshire Gamer World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules is over and we have the 16 sets of rules that will compete in Round 1 of the competition.

The 16 are

1. Battlegroup

2. Sharpe Practice

3. General de Armee

4. O Group

5. To the Strongest

6. Hail Caesar

7. Mortem et Gloriam

8. General de Brigade

9. Bolt Action

10. Lion Rampant

11. Crossfire

12. For King and Parliament

13. Saga

14. L'art de la Guerre

15. Men who would be Kings

16. By Fire and Sword

The draw for the 1st Round will be held during the recording for the Brews in the Binyard Summer Special and the ties announced to the public on Monday 31st July with the ties being played that week. The draw will place the top 8 as the home teams and 9 to 16 as the away sides.

For those who are interested the just missed out rules are (if there are 2 numbers the same the votes were tied.

17. Bill hooks

18. Blitzkrieg Commander

18 Blucher

20 AK47

21 Pike and Shotte

22 Furioso

23 Picketts Charge

24 Dux Brittannium

25 Barons War

26 WRG Renaissance (Gush)

26 Altar of Freedom

28 Soldiers of Napoleon

28 Force on Force

29 Bloody Big Battles

30 Age of Eagles

And the remaining positions are 

31 British Grenadier 

31 Strength and Honour

31 I Ain't been shot mum

31 DBM

35 Impetus

35 General Quarters

37 Warfare in the Age of Reason

38 Team Yankee

38 Sword and Spear

38 La Salle

38 Musket and Tomahawks

42 Renato et Gloriam

42 Seven Days to the Rhine

44 Honours of War

45 Command Decision

45 Rommel 

47 WRG 1686 - 1845

47 Warhammer Ancient Battles

48 If the Lord Spares Us

48 Test of Resolve

50 Charge

50 Armati

50 Beneath the Lily Banners

53 Forlorn Hope

53 Square Bashing

53 Through the Mud and Blood

53 Black Seas

57 Twilight of (Series)

57 Bag the Hun

57 Setting the East Ablaze

60 Charlie don't surf

60 What a Cowboy


63 What a Tanker

63 Wings of Glory

63 Flames of War

66 Volley and Bayonet

66 Dux Bellorum

68 Great War Spearhead

68 Batallie Empire

68 Victory at Sea

71 Tactica

71 Triumph

71 War and Conquest

71 Algy pulls it off

71 Clash

71 Kiss me Hardy

71 Science vs Pluck

78 Shako

78 Blood Red Skies

78 Piquet

81 Controlling the Chaos

81 Contemptible Little Armies

81 Sails of Glory

81 Donnybrook

85 Rvdis

86 Narrow Seas

86 Rules of Engagement

86 Test of honour

86 Shock of Impact

90 Shattered Lances

90 Fighting Sails

92 Jomini

92 Lost Battles

92 Triumph and Tragedy

92 DBM

92 Fields of Glory

97 Tractics

97 Great Battles of WW1

Thanks very much to everyone who nominated and voted, some great interaction, don't forget to come back and vote when the competition starts for real.

The draw for Round 1 will appear here on Monday

Round 1 

To the Strongest vs Saga 

General de Brigade vs Lion Rampant 

Mortem et Gloriam vs Bolt Action 

General de Armee vs Men Who Would be Kings 

Battlegroup vs By Fire and Sword 

Hail Caesar vs For King and Parliament 

Sharp Practice vs L'art de la Guerre 

O Group vs Crossfire.

The Winner is To the Strongest with 69% of the vote.

Game 2 of Round 1, General de Brigade takes on Lion Rampant 

The winner is Lion Rampant with 54% of the vote. An absolute belter of a match with the lead changing hands multiple times.

Game 3 is a corker, Mortem et Gloriam vs Bolt Action 

A big win for MeG in this one with 65% of the vote. Bolt Action is out !

Game 4 is up and running now with General de Armee taking on The Men Who Would be Kings 

General de Armee is the Victor with 59% of the vote.

Game 5 begins today with Battlegroup taking on By Fire and Sword 

A brave effort from By Fire and Sword but Battlegroup wins through with 60% of the vote. By far the highest number of votes so far in a single round with nearly 500 cast.

Game 6 is now underway, Hail Caesar takes on For King and Parliament 

A good win in this one For King and Parliament with 56% of the vote.

Game 7 has kicked off with Sharp Practice against L'art de la Guerre 

Sharp Practice shot of like a scalded cat in this one and was miles ahead for a couple of days before a late rally by L'art de la Guerre, however it wasn't quite enough and Sharp Practice goes through with 59% of the vote.

And finally in the first round it's O Group vs Crossfire 

And what a fantastic match up in the final round. Both sets had the lead on multiple occasions but O Group made it through with a late surge with 58% of the vote.

So that's Round 1 done and dusted and from the 8 games above we have the following qualifiers

Sharp Practice 
O Group
General de Armee
Mortem et Gloriam 
Lion Rampant 
To the Strongest 
For King and Parliament 

Keep an eye out for Round 2 in a new thread starting tomorrow.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 44 Pete Berry Baccus 6mm


Todays guest is well known within the Wargames World for being Mr 6mm, but there is a lot more to Pete Berry than that.

You can access the episode from the link below, or download it through any major Podcast Host, if you get chance please leave a like and review wherever you got it from.

Its a great chance to discuss his wargaming background and a love of Big Games going back to huge games using 15mm Medievals and classic old school Napoleonic Plastics.

Forlorn Hope are still a big favourite set of rules for ECW here at Yarkshire Gamer, written by Pete back in the 80s its great to discuss the rules and how they have survived over time, his interest in the period and how renactment of the period influenced his rules development.

There is of course a chance to chat about the 6mm - 28mm "divide" and how many of the myths around 6mm gaming and 28mm Big Gaming actually aren't that different.

We take a trip into the features section with the quiz and a great entry into Wargames Room 101 before moving on to talk about Baccus Miniatures and the 6mm focused show that is The Joy of Six.

You can look at the Baccus range on their website below,

Baccus 6mm

and get some details about the show below,

Joy of Six (

My next guest is hopefully Mark Hides who runs a Professional Painting Service, Conflict in Colour. As well as that Mark is an author who runs a great blog. We will also go all gooey eyed over the old Sheffield Triples show, still, for me, the greatest Wargames Show ever.

And in case you missed it last time, here is the utubes version of my interview with Paul Thompson of EWM Miniatures.

Until next time,


Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

Thursday 18 May 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 43 - Paul Thompson - EWM

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Reet Big Wargames Podcast and today my guest is Paul Thompson of EWM or Early War Miniatures.

The episode is available on all major Podcast hosts or via the link below,

Pauls company specialises in 20mm WW1, Interwar and WW2 figures and vehicles as well as a growing range of scenery, including a certain Binyard !

Its a long episode but Paul had some great stories outside of our usual chat so get ready for tall tales of German Military raids on the Isle of Wight in 1943, torpedoing sail boats in paddling pools with 1/35 scale submarines, riding around the country in a tank with the Perries and facing wargames gilterati whist dressed in plate armour.

On top of that we have all our usual features, Wargames Room 101 keeps going strong as another pet wargaming hate gets added to the Vault, we have another excellent attempt at the quiz and an unusual choice on Desert Island Wargame.

Thanks very much for continuing to tune in, the Podcast reached 75,000 downloads just after the release of Episode 42 and is already racing towards 80,000. If you enjoy the episodes and get chance please like, subscribe and leave comments where you listen to the show. Its a great way to get more people interested in the show.

You can get EWM figures via the link below, or why not pop and share a Ginger Nut with Paul at the next show.


Next episode should be out in around 3 weeks and I will be chatting to Pete Berry of Baccus Miniatures in the first ever Battle of the Scales :-)

Until next time, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

And finally here is the Utubes version of the last episode with George Nafziger