Friday, 16 October 2020

Boxing the Italian Wars - Wargame Figure Storage


Over the last few days I've put a couple of videos up on the Utubes (links below) covering my method of figure storage. The features are aimed mostly at those new to the hobby but there are tips for all including the patented Yarkshire Gamer (TM) "Upside down box method".

I managed to get a slack handful of 24.5 l boxes (hopefully avaliable in imperial measurements soon 😎) and have added 2 mm MDF bases to the lids. 

The picture above shows Box 4 for the Italian Wars Project and in the first video I cover setting out the base of the box to fit the various units in.

Box 1 with my Italian and Swiss Pike with supporting shot, room for at least another Pike Block in there.

The Condottiero Box currently has 10 x 6 figure units with room for another 6, better get painting.

And finally the Light Cavalry box with Stradiots etc and a rogue Swiss Polearm unit. Space for 3 more light Cavalry Units here.

Also on the Utubes is an introduction video to the storage. Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

15mm WW2 Russians for Project Kursk


Last week I had a look at the Germans I had built up for my Project Kursk, this time it's the turn of the Russians, so here is my "starter" army for the Red Hordes. We don't really do skirmish gaming here 😂

As last time I've done a Utubes video covering the army, including the Infantry and support weapons.

So I have 26 T34/76s, 5 Valentine's, 10 T70s, 2 Field Guns, 2 Anti Tank Guns, 3 Companies of Infantry and some support weapons.

I did have a dabble at the Russians a couple of years ago and did some Infantry but got side tracked with Italian Wars and Crusades. All the models are from The Plastic Soldier Company and I have to say I have been very impressed, the details on the models are really good.

I've got some heavy Russian reinforcements in the spray booth as we speak to bolster the Soviet troops. This time the models are from Zvezda who are very basic compared to PSC but the range covers some gaps.

I've even put a Russian Front solo game out on the table here at Yarkshire Gamer so let's see how that goes over the next few weeks.

Thanks for watching 👍🏼

Saturday, 3 October 2020

15mm German Tanks for Project Kursk


Those of you who follow Yarkshire Gamer on the Twitters will no doubt have seen this bunch of German tanks grow during my recent holiday in Scotland. I had bought some 15mm Russians a couple of years ago and painted up a few but drifted off onto other projects. This time last year, again whilst on holiday I bought some Germans having decided to build some Kursk Forces. I have big collections of Early War (Desert) and Late War (Normandy) so wanted something in the middle and Kursk always fascinates.

I've done a short video on the Utubes covering the tanks with the usual still pictures and text below.

There was no real plan to this initial purchase it was simply a case of 1 box of each of the tank types at Kursk, first up is my favourite tank, the Tiger. I've deliberately not gone for a specific unit although I have used Otto Karius (Tiger Ace and author of Tigers in the Mud) number 217 on one of the vehicles.

These are lovely models with various crew options and really look the business. After looking at a ton of photos from Kursk I've gone for a two tone camo pattern which very much seems to be the norm in Summer 43.

Next up Panthers, 5 of them. They had their first outing at Kursk and had a bad time of it, poor deployment and mechanical problems plagued their first outing. I've gone for high numbers on the tanks as that seems to be the numbers I have pictures of, I struggled a bit with the decals I had so they are no sequentially numbered.

Next up the workhorse of the German Army at the time, the Panzer IV, not my favourite tank as I always seem to lose them all in Normandy games ! Let's see how they get on against T34s 🤔

And finally on the Tank front some lovely PzIII, these have got a bit of a sports car look about them. I really mixed up the additional armour on these, photos from the battle show IIIs in all sorts of states.

When is a Tank not a Tank ? When it's a Stug ! and who doesnt love a Stug. I put numbers on the side of these although I couldn't find any pictures of them at Kursk numbered up (only later Normandy pics) sometimes tabletop recognition takes precident over historical accuracy.

So there we have it, the start of Project Kursk, I really don't know where I will go with it, it's been one of those, I fancy doing that, rather than a group project thing. I have some German Infantry, AT Guns and Transport to do before I have enough for games but then with Covid games aren't happening !

I'll probably try and solo a few things with the Kursk stuff to tweek our existing rules for larger numbers of vehicles. I will be adding some more IVs IIIs and Stugs and look at getting some SP Anti Tank Guns, Marders and the like.

Next week I will do a similar thing with the Russians I've done. I'm off to try and persuade myself not to buy a Crusader Castle, somehow I know I'm going to fail 😎

Monday, 28 September 2020

15mm WW2 Russian Buildings - From Box to Table


I have been working on some forces for WW2 Kursk and usually terrain comes last in my priorities but this time I thought I would try and get ahead of the game and get some done. After a search of the tinterwebnet I found some suitable candidates at Empires at War, a company I was familiar with after building lots of their 28mm Italian Renaissance buildings. 5 buildings for 35 quid, I'm in.

I will hold my hand up and admit I find terrain a real chew, don't get me wrong I love a good looking table and enjoy having great looking buildings etc, I just have zero enthusiasm for actually building or painting any !

So if I can find some easy build MDF buildings that are pre coloured that you literally put together and plonk on the table I'm pressing the "Add to Basket Button" right away. I've done a Unboxing (or sunbathing in this case 😁) video and built one of the buildings live on camera, so if you want to see my wonderfully agricultural modelling skills have a watch of my Utubes video.

For those who prefer the written word below are some pictures of the 5 buildings.

The buildings are nice and easy to put together even for a clumsy modeller like myself, they come with some nice straight forward instructions and all I used to put them together was a modelling knife and some Bostick Glue.

The buildings can be bought direct from Empires at War on the link below,

My only query on these is the scale, they do seem rather big for 15mm, I'm sure it will be to do with the strength of the parts, it's not something which is going to stop me buying them but something to be aware of.

So there you are, some great buildings to grace to your Kursk games or even your Borodino games. Later in the week I will have a look at the forces I have built up for the initial Kursk games.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Yarkshire Gamer - September 2020 Wargaming Update


Another month has gone by and gaming in person just seems to be getting further away, I'm starting to think I won't be gaming for at least another 6 months so I'm preparing to just be a painter and collector for the immediate future.

I've put a video up on the Utubes covering the lockdown goings on at YG.

For those who just like pictures here are the new units for the month.

28mm Gripping Beast Hannibals Veterans 

1/2400 Tumbling Dice WW1 Ships

15mm Plastic Soldier Company WW2 Kursk

I had a lovely 2 weeks in Scotland and picked up a lovely haul of stuff from Wonderland Models in Edinburgh.

Plus a visit to another great store in Glasgow, Static Games.

Thanks for watching further update next month.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Lighting for Gaming Photos and Videos - Neewer ZC-10S Review


Everyone likes a good photo on a blog, Insta or the Twitters and a good well lit video on the Utubes is a bonus too.

I was very fortunate to have Mrs YG buy me some lighting for my photos recently and after a few weeks use I thought it would be an idea to share them wider and illustrate their use for gaming related photos.

Below is a Utubes video going through the contents of the Neewer ZC-10S set and their operation.

I've added some photos below to give you an idea on how the lights work.

The first photo is taken in my games room, it might time so their is no external light source, the room is well lit with a high power "cool" strip light.

The second photo is taken with the one high, one low set up shown in the first photo on this post,  it's easy to see that the light levels have increased dramatically, however it can be very easy to have too much light and "white out" a picture.

Shadows can also be an issue if the intensity of the light levels are too high, look at the shadows from the flags on the buildings in the bottom photo.

Looking in the next set of photos, I will look at a bit more detail, the above "control" photo is simply taken with no additional lighting.

Followed by full intensity with both lights.

The next photo is also full intensity but the lower light has been moved to the front of the subject to light up the faces, note how the rear building is whitened out and the flag shadow is very prominent.

With the lights in the same position I've dropped down the intensity by 3 on both and things are starting to get better.

This final photo would be my choice, both lights dialled back by 6 from the strongest, the buildings are no longer standing out, the shadows on the figures are adding to the level of detail, possibly too dark for some but we are now in the area of personal taste rather than definitely too dark or too bright.

The lights also make a great portable paint table illuminator as well, I used them recently whilst on holiday.

Hope that's been useful, see you for the monthly update next week.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Naval Wargaming, a basing and painting Tutorial : From Box to Table


I did a Painting and basing tutorial a few years back before my venture into the motion picture world of the Utubes. With a few additional ships being added to the collection for our early WW1 Naval Campaign I thought it would be a good idea to refresh that initial tutorial with a video version, link below,

The video is about 40 minutes long but there is a lot to get in, I'm torn between the multi part tutorial and the long form directors cut, let me know your thoughts.

The ships used in the tutorial are 1/2400 scale, from Tumbling Dice. This is the first time I've bought ships from this company, they have a lot less detail than my usual GHQ models but they are a 1/3 of the price, Tumbling Dice also specialise in the pre WW1 period which gives lots of choices not avaliable from GHQ.  Sadly postage and import duties rule out WTJ for the moment. Below is a quick review video of the ship models.

Our WW1 Naval Campaign stalled a couple of years ago as circumstances led to the next game being larger than the avaliable table at Yarkshire Gamer, fingers crossed, post lockdown, my local club will have premises to suit.

Hope that the videos prove useful, any questions just ask. Some pics below of the ships above.

German Light Cruisers

Don't know why but blogger is let me put my usual photo labels in today.