Friday 6 October 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 48 Peter Thompson - Pro Arte Brushes


Its Podcast time again, this episode I've stepped aside from the usual format to get a deep dive into the world of paint brushes.

My guest is Peter Thompson, the head honcho at Pro Arte a company based in my favourite place in the world, Skipton.

The episode is available on all major Podcast hosts or via the link below,

We had a lovely chat covering the history of the company before moving on and discussing the finer points (pun intended) of the brush making world. From brush types, to materials, to handles, to brush care, its all there.

Its important for me to step slightly outside the Wargaming World and have guests who can enlighten us on aspects that maybe sit just outside our hobby yet still have a big influence on it, I hope you enjoy it.

The main Pro Arte website detailing the full range of brushes is here,

Pro Arte UK Artist Paint Brush Makers | Watercolour, Acytlic Oil Painting

Recently a company called ABC Brushes has started to attend UK Wargames shows selling some Pro Arte brushes so you should be able to pick some up there.

ABC Brushes

My next episode will be with the Big Game rule writer, Dave Brown.

Until then, Sithee


Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer