Thursday 9 May 2024

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 55 - Richard Marsh / Colin Rumford - Rapid Fire


Welcome to the latest episode of the Podcast with my two guests Richard Marsh and Colin Rumford who are responsible for one of the most popular sets of WW2 rules available - Rapid Fire.

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First released in 1994 and supported by many subsequent Supplements, Campaign and Scenario Books the rules have gone through a recent update with Rapid Fire Reloaded, a chartless version of the orginal rules.

It's a long episode but with two guests that's always the way as we go through the regular features with each guest, eventually after a couple of hours we get round to actually talking about the rules ! But this isn't a short form Podcast after all it's just as much about getting to know the guests as it is the main topic.

The Rapid Fire website where you can obtain all the various books is

Hope you enjoy the episode, next up I hope will be another Historian style show with Nick Jellicoe where we will be discussing the Battle of Jutland.

Until then Sithee

Regards Ken 

The previous episode is also on the Utubes



  1. Having retired to the East Riding your broadcasts are helping with my cultural acclimatisation.
    I really enjoyed your guest talking about Jutland even though all my wargaming is land based. An excellent guest in both podcasts and your own enthusiasm came across too.

  2. I have come to your podcasts very late indeed and I am now working my way through them, really enjoying them, great stuff1

    1. Thanks very much, great to have you on board

  3. I enjoyed listening to this podcast. Rapid Fire is my favourite system for WWII. Just a side note, I would probably score the lowest on your quiz. I prefer coffee to tea, and I like speed paints too! Yes, I'm weirdo...

    1. I have to say it would be hard to do worse than my mate Sean Clark did 😆