Wednesday 24 February 2021

Yarkshire Gamer February 2021 Wargames Update

There is loads of stuff going at Yarkshire Gamer but the regular features like the monthly Utubes update carry on. You can tell how busy I was with the front screen of the video having the wrong month on 😄

The Allied Italian Legion Project is nearing completion and the video features the new units and work in progress.

I've dropped some brass on a new river from The Last Valley and all I can say is it absolutely superb, I've ordered some more and I've a feeling that The Last Valley has become (unknowingly) the official terrain supplier to Yarkshire Gamer.

There has also been some actual gaming going on with a soon to be released Spanish Civil War game using our house rules. Its been a real effort to do but hopefully worth it when it comes out.

And on top of that the Podcast has begun, the Pilot Episode is available to listen to and the first full episode is recorded and edited and will be released on Friday, I'm really happy with it and hope that it catches on, so if you are a fan of Yarkshire Gamer I would love it if you would support this new adventure into Podcasting, by following the episodes on Podbean, Spotify etc

Everything done on YG is for the love of the game, I don't make any brass out of it at all.

The Pilot Episode is available through Podbean here

And the RSS Feed (which I don't fully understand yet !) is,

Saturday 20 February 2021

A Yarkshire Gamer Podcast


Alight I have gone and done it now, from moaning a bucket about there being no big game podcasts out there, a little voice in the back of my head (fuelled) by some very fine single malt Irish Whiskey said "Stop moaning lad, crack on and do it thissen"

So here it is the first (very much Pilot) episode of Yarkshire Gamers Reet Grand Toy Soldier Adventures, an audio delight for all (well some 😉 gamers)

Link to the Pilot Episode

I've tried to upset as many people as I can in the first episode 🙃  but this really isn't a negative podcast, it a rallying cry to the Big Game Gamers out their to stand up and shout out loud "I like it BIG". 

Small scales have their own podcast (nice work Sean on God's Own Scale" and many others concentrate on the new shiny which inevitably a 10 figure a side skirmish in a box thingy that will be dead quicker that a May fly ! 

In the Pilot I have outlined what I want to do with the Podcast, discuss my start in gaming (in 4 minutes 😀)  and try and define what a big game actually is. Its not perfect but its a start.

So if you like a Big Game on a Big Table with buckets full of figures this is for you.