Friday 27 February 2015

WW2 - Falaise Gap Scenario - August 1944

A 6mm WW2 Divisional Game

Panthers hidden in a wood, just what the Allied Commander doesn't want to see
Back to the gaming table for this post and a scenario post for some late war Normandy action in 6mm which is ongoing at the moment here at Yarkshire Gamer. One of my more crazy periods in that I possess 11 Divisions of stuff for this era, all at a scale of roughly 1:4, that's a lot of stuff. We haven't gamed this period for about 5 years and I thought it was about time to blow the dust off another collection of figs and get them back on the table again.

We started a linked set of games a long while ago starting with the landings in France in June 44 and after 10 or so games we are up to the Falaise Gap period. The battle was the decisive engagement which ended the Normandy Campaign. A pocket was formed around the area of Falaise and Argentan, in which the  the 7th Army and the 5 Panzer Army (formerly Panzergruppe West) were encircled by the Allies. The battle we are about to fight represents the corridor which the Germans sought to maintain in order for vast numbers of exhausted troops to escape. The battle resulted in the destruction of most of Army Group B and opened the way to Paris and the German border for the Allied armies.

Allied Tanks cautiously move up through a ruined village
Whilst XV Corps attempted to close the gap to the south the Canadians and Polish troops attempted to close the gap from the north. The game will concentrate on the role of the Canadian 4th Armoured.

The scenario is straight forward, the Germans put together a number of small Kampfgruppe from the last of the combat ready troops in the pocket, these need to desperately hold the advancing Canadians off for long enough for the remaining retreating men can escape to German lines.

Rules - We use a modified version of Korps Kommander by Bruce Rea-Taylor, they are very old now but ones we as a group are happy with. We have upped the basic manoeuvre element to the company, each model represents 3 to 5 actual vehicles so a 4 model Sherman Company represents 16 tanks. We have also changed the distances from cms to inches so max range for tank guns is 30 inches. Finally we have added a "chit" based order system similar to Johnny Reb.

The Map

Table is 12 x 6, this is my first attempt at a computer map and it doesn't look half bad if I do say so myself. I have used a program called Mapping Board which is quite easy to pick up, I haven't worked out textured backgrounds yet but it will come. I think the terrain features speak for themselves, dark green with dark red a boarder are hills, the hedged areas represent fields, grey blocks buildings and the stony areas are broken ground. You have North at the bottom of the map.

Canadian players move on from the Northern edge in any order from Turn 1.

German players may set up anywhere south of there front line, on turn 3 the column of stragglers starts to enter the table on the road on the top right hand corner of the table, the game ends when the last unit exits the table on the opposite edge.

I have done the orbats in the Korp Kommander format, if you want to convert them to you own rules each strength point roughly equals 1 vehicle or weapon or 10 men. So a tank company of 4 x Str 4 = 16 tanks and 2 x Str 6 for infantry would be 120 men. Because everything is company based similar troop types are put together in a separate unit to make firing etc easier, some units are moved up the command tree and grouped together. The most obvious one is the Fireflys.

Canadian Orbat (Morale 6 or regular)

21st Governor General Guards Tank Regt

HQ 1 x Sherman V Str 4
AA Company 2 x Str 3 Crusader AA
1st Recce Company 3 x Stuart V Str 3
2nd Recce Company 3 x Humber SC Str 3
A Company 4 x Sherman V Str 4
B Company 4 x Sherman V Str 4
C Company 4 x Sherman V Str 4
D Company 3 x Firefly Str 4

28th British Columbia Tank Regt

As above except change 2nd Recce Company to 3 x Humber AC Str 3

Lake Superior Motor Regt

HQ 1 x Str 4 HQ mounted in M3 1/2 Track
Anti Tank Co 1 x Str 6 6pdr with Bren Carrier Tow
Mortar Co 1 x Str 6 3" Mortar with Bren Carrier
A Company 3 x Str 7 Infantry mounted in M3 1/2 Track
B Company 3 x Str 7 Infantry mounted in M3 1/2 Track
C Company 3 x Str 6 Infantry mounted in Bren Carriers

Leyland and Welland Infantry Regt

1 x HQ Str 4 in M3 1/2 track
Anti Tank Co 1 x Str 6 6pdr with Bren Carrier Tow
Mortar Co 1 x Str 6 3" Mortar in Bren Carrier
Recce Co 1 x Str 6 Inf in Bren Carrier
A Company 2 x Str 6 Inf in Truck
B Company 2 x Str 6 Inf in Truck
C Company 2 x Str 6 Inf in Truck
D Company 2 x Str 6 Inf in Truck

15th Royal Canadian Field Artillery Regt

3 x Str 8 25pdr Battery with Tractor Tow.

12th Manitoba Dragoons (Armoured Car Regt) Part, Aand B Squadrons (each with)

3 x Damiler AC Str 4
3 x Damiler SC Str 4
1 x AEC III Str 4

5th Canadian A/T Regt (part)

3 x Str 4 Achilies
3 x Str 4 Archer

Air Power - Canadians gain 4 points for each German combat base killed and 2 for each straggler base, they can trade 10 pts in for a flight of 6 rocket armed Typhoons.

German Orbat (Morale 7 or Veteran, except Infantry which are Grade 5)

Composite Panzer Battalion

HQ 2 x Str 5 Panther
Recce Co 1 x Str 5 Panther
AA Company 1 x Wirbelwind
Engineer Company 1 x Str 5 Engineer in Sdkfz 251
A Company 3 x Str 4 Panther
B Company 3 x Str 4 Panther
C Company 3 x Str 4 Panzer IVH
D Company 3 x Str 4 Panzer IVH

Assault Gun Kampgruppe

HQ 1 x Stug IIIG Str 5
A Company 2 x Stug IIIG Str 5
B Company 2 x Stug IIIG Str 5

Panzer Grenadier Composite Battalion

HQ 1 x Str 4 HQ in Sdkfz 251
AA Company 1 x Str 4 Sdkfz 7/2
Mortar Company 1 x Str 6 Sdkfz 251/2 and 1 x Str 3 120mm Mortar in Sdkfz 251
Anti Tank Company 1 x Sdkfz 251/9 Str 9
MMG Company 1 x Str 9 MMG in Sdkfz 251
A Company 2 x Str 7 Panzer Gren in Sdkfz 251
B Company 2 x Str 7 Panzer Gren in Sdkfz 251
C Company 2 x Str 7 Panzer Gren in Sdkfz 251

Composite Infantry Battalion

Battalion HQ 1 x Str 5 HQ in Staff Car
Recce Company 1 x Str 3 Infantry on bicycle
Mortar Company 1 x Str 8 120mm Mortar, no transport
A Company 2 x Str 7 Infantry
B Company 2 x Str 7 Infantry
C Company 2 x Str 7 Infantry


8 x Misc Transport bases carrying looted art works, champagne and mistresses
25 bases of Infantry stragglers on foot

The transport may not return for the stragglers, the art work is more important ! Stragglers move at 4" per turn even when on the road.

A decent sized game which should take us a couple of weeks of relaxed game time to get through, AAR to follow.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Figure Review - 15mm Blue Moon SYW British

New shiny arrives

Although they haven't appeared on the blog yet I have a large 15mm Seven Years War collection based around the Minden campaign. A French / Saxony army of around 50 battalions and 35 squadrons of Cavalry and an Allied army consisting of Hanoverian, Hesse and Brunswick troops of a similar size about 2000 figs in all. I'm looking to add to those collections this year and I am already half way through a new 4 battalion brigade of Hanoverians.

"Hatmen" march attack
One thing missing was some British, looking at the Minden orbat, 6 battalions of foot and 14 squadrons of cavalry are needed, but which figures. I have quite a few Freikorp 15s and although they no longer use the dreadful brittle metal they are a bit hit and miss. Minifigs and Essex are old school, you know what your getting but they are limited in their poses and I have loads of them already for the other nations. Old Glory 15s do a good range but the poor casting of their figures always puts me off.

I saw some of these Blue Moon Manufacturing on TMP and thought I would give them a go. Old Glory UK supply the figures in the UK and a jolly good service too, ordered on line Sunday on the doorstep Tuesday. The command packs for the foot have 10 figures and cost £5, whilst the infantry packs contain 30 figures for £12, I ordered 1 of each to give me 2 x 20 figure battalions. Cavalry Command are 9 figures for £8 with the basic troopers costing £13 for 15, I use 6 figs per squadron so I got 6 squadrons with 3 spare figs from one command and two trooper packs. I was after Horse and Dragoon Guard figures but they are not available in the UK yet so I got some standard Dragoons.

Dragoon Command
General impressions are good, there is some flash on the figures (the figs in the pics have NOT been cleaned up) but nothing too bad, the horses look good and in the right proportion. The cavalry are particularly nice and well detailed. Not as sure about the infantry, the faces don't look quite right but I will reserve full judgement until I have painted them.

Dragoon Troopers
I will get them on the paint table soon and update you on progress.

Update - Following the related TMP discussion on this article I have added this photo as a size guide. I don't have exact matches just different manufacturers just to give you an idea. On the left is the Blue Moon, then Freikorps 15, Minifigs, Essec and Old Glory.

Friday 20 February 2015

Napoleonic Naval Action

 British and Spanish ships clash on the Spanish Coast 1804

The Spanish ships leave port
After the excitement of last weeks YG birthday party, it was time to clear up the house, take the headache tablets and get back to some proper gaming blogging.

Stocking up on provisions before leaving the dock.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been having a spot of Napoleonic Naval at Castle R, another collection we haven't played with for a while. I first started these in the early 90's, the Leeds club I belong to used them for a demo game that year. I've added a ship or two every now and again but most of these models are over 15 years old now, each one takes an age to make, base, paint and rig but they are worth it. Special 21 gun salute to Rod Langton of Langton Miniatures who sells the bare metal.

Lets have a bit of sailing practise said the Spanish Admiral

Rayo a Spanish 100 gun 1st Rate
The scenario was a Spanish Fleet leaving port for some sailing exercises being caught in the open sea by a smaller British patrol, let the action commence. Our rules are ones I wrote for that display game all those years ago. We selected our ships and the randomly rolled for crew and captain ability.

One of our ship control cards, we use counters to record sail setting etc

The Spanish Fleet consisted of two squadrons,

Rayo  100 guns, Poor Captain, Average Crew
Neptuno 80 guns, Good Captain, Poor Crew
San Augustino 74(L) guns, Ave Captain, Poor Crew
San Ildefonso 74(L) guns, Ave Captain, Poor Crew
San Leandro 64 guns, Ave Captain, Raw Crew
Nuestra Senora de los Mercedes 34 guns, Ave Captain, Raw Crew
Carmen 40 guns, Ave Captain, Raw Crew

San Augustino in action

Squadron two

Santaissima Trinidad 136 guns, Poor Captain, Ave Crew
Argonauta 80 guns, Poor Captain, Ave Crew
San Juan Nepumoceno 74(C), Ave Captain, Raw Crew
Montanes 74(L), Very Poor Captain, Raw Crew
San Justo 74(C), Ave Captain, Raw Crew
Santa Gertrudis 34 guns, Good Captain, Ave Crew
Ascuncion 34 guns, Ave Captain, Ave Crew

Not a bad crew / captain roll up for the Spanish only the famous Montanes (famous in that the whole of the Leeds club burst out the name loudly in a poor Spanish accent every time its name is mentioned) had the worst possible combo and Santa Gertrudis was almost the equivalent of Old Guard.

Not used in this game, my personal boat, the signal flags spell out "Ken's Ship", showing her age now with the rigging sagging a little bit.

The British turned up with two small Squadrons

HMS Dreadnought 98 guns, Good Captain, Average Crew
HMS Venerable 74 (C) guns Ave Captain, Good Crew
HMS Mars 74 (L) guns, Ave Captain, Good Crew
HMS Aigle 36 guns, Inspired Captain, Elite Crew


HMS Neptune 98 guns, Good Captain, Average Crew
HMS Tonnant 80 guns, Good Captain, Good Crew
HMS Ardent 64 guns, Inspired Captain, Good Crew
HMS Boadicea 38 guns Good Captain, Good Crew

Not a particularly good roll up for the British with lots of average stuff and being outnumbered 10 to 6 and then the random wind direction favoured the Spanish. The two fleets sailed towards each other, the superior crews on the British ships making light work of sail setting, the Spanish not so much, the game turned when the second Spanish Squadron sailed away from the other to avoid a lighthouse and rocky outcrop.

Spanish ships open up at long range.
The first Spanish Squadron was starting to get fire from both sides and losing the fight, just as the second Squadron came into long range the lead two Spanish ships Rayo and Neptuno started to have morale problems, starting by refusing to close with the enemy, they then started to retire from the action, Neptuno eventually striking her colours with only 1 row of hull boxes left.

With two ships out of the line the first Squadron was in big trouble, the three remaining ships with no way out opted for the heroic, they prepared grapples and boarders. That was the last thing the British expected and two of the three ships didn't have boarders assembled.

Six ships locked in combat.
You have one chance with a Spanish ship locked in combat and that's in the first round of melee, sadly for them they only managed a draw and two narrow defeats. They bravely fought on but after three turns the colours were struck and the British had three prizes. The second Spanish Squadron got in range just as the British were leaving and gave Tonnant a nasty surprise with a stern rake. Neptune, Dreadnought and Tonnant were all badly damaged and would have needed repair at port, but they had captured San Ildefonso, San Augustino and San Leandro respectively so the crew would have some time ashore to spend their prize money.

The white dot of surrender
Enjoyable game, we had some landlubbers scratching there heads with wind direction and sail settings but everyone soon picked things up.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Happy Birthday Yarkshire Gamer !!!!!

One Year Old

The first photo on YG was a FT-17
Well there we have it a year old this week and still going, some blogs fall by the wayside after a month but YG is still here. I had been thinking of blogging for years and had gone as far as having the Yarkshire Gamer name and getting a blogspot page, it was a mix of apathy, a nightmare shift pattern and technophobia which stopped me getting off the mark.

A search on the Internet whilst I was looking for ideas for a Spanish Civil War scenario for our little group of gamers opened my eyes to the vast amount of blogging info out there and how helpful it was and that was the spark to get going.

So a big thank you to all those who have given the blog a +1 on Google or followed me on Blogger, commented on the posts or joined in on one of the post discussions on TMP or similar.

The Legend that is the Mad Priest
The blog has provided a great personal record for me of painting schemes (I always forget what colours I used, 3 months after doing the last figure), keeping up to date with Campaigns like our current X Wing journey and keeping memories of some great games. I think even with no readers it would be worth doing. Its has been great to see my reader numbers grow and I am closing in on 30,000 hits which I'm very happy with for a first year, average posts are up nearly 5 times in the last three months compared with the first 3 so once again THANK YOU for the interest.

To celebrate (and as an excuse to re-post some of my favourite photos) I though I would do a Top Ten posts over the last year, and in true Top of the Pops stylee we'll start at No 10. All titles link to the original post.

10. Battle of Nasiriyeh Scenario 1915 - A WW1 in the East Scenario featuring Camels, Gunboats, Gurkhas and a dodgy looking bloke in a fez.

9. 1/3000th WW2 Naval From Box to Table - A tutorial on basing and painting WW2 ships, a big surprise entry for me in the top ten, Naval posts tend to get a lot less hits than other forms of gaming.

8. 28mm AWI New Unit 55th Foot and Brigade Review - A show off post with the results of my 2014 project displayed, a brigade of British using the Perrys great plastic figures. The post sparked an interesting debate on painting buttons on TMP !

7. WW2 Desert Game Beda Fomm - A write up of our go at the 1941 Desert Classic.

6. 6mm ACW Battle of Winchester - My one and only ACW write up so far proved very popular stateside and is one post that gets regular readers every month.

5. WW2 Desert Game - Another WW2 Desert Game hits the top ten, this time an engagement scenario used to test my fledgling rules.

4. 28mm Desert Rats From Box to Table - This was the first of my B2T series and its proved to be a very popular style of post.

3. AWI Battle of Guilford Court House AAR - A game report on the classic AWI battle.

2. 28mm AWI British Perry Plastics From Box to Table - The most popular B2T post, the how to guide for the great Perry Plastic Brits.

AND DRUM ROLL .............. THIS YEARS NO 1 IS.........

1. AWI Battle of Guilford Court House Scenario - The Scenario post which led to the AAR that was number 3 for the year. AWI obviously is very popular in the US and the proportion of US visitors to the site rocket when I do an AWI post. A lengthy discussion on TMP kept it at the top of the discussions for over a week so that generated quite a bit of traffic.

Site Traffic Sources - The vast majority of none direct hits come from TMP, after that Yarkshire Gamer posts on Google +, Facebook and Twitter and all those bring bits and pieces in. As does direct links from other blogs and I would like to thank those who have liked YG enough to put a link to it on their site, thanks guys and gals.

Period - Most popular but only on the back of one post was ACW, then AWI, WW2 Desert, WW1, SCW, Empire of the Dead, X Wing, WW2 Naval. No surprises there.

Type of Post Most popular was the Box to Table series by a long way, then the AAR / Scenario posts followed by New Unit show offs. Holding up the rear are the Campaign posts, we have done 2 a WW2 Naval and an ongoing X Wing Campaign. These posts although low do have a very loyal following with the same people posting, liking and asking for further updates, I have over 50 scenarios for the X Wing campaign so get used to it !

Google + I haven't managed to work out any correlation between the number of hits and the number of Google +, the No 1 + post was the Lawrence of Arabia Camels post which had double the number of + hits compared to any other post but had less than a third of the hits the Guilford Court House post got, no idea why.

Camels very popular on Google plus
So there we have it one year old, no plans to stop, I'm still very much enjoying the blogging, hope you have to. If your thinking of blogging do it !

Thursday 12 February 2015

X Wing - The Campaign - Game 9 - Tie Droid Assault

Game 9 - Tie Droid Assault

This is a continuation of the X Wing Campaign, full explanation and details of Campaign rules are here.

Pilot Upgrades -

Rick O'Shea was back in another new B Wing and used 1 GC for Advanced Sensors.
Spike Sharpie spent 8 GC to go to pilot level 4.
Crank Case sold his R2 unit and bought a R7A mech along with some Photon Torps.
Pop Cicle decided to end his exploding X Wing disease by getting a B Wing.
Commander Wayne Kerr was back in a new X Wing.

Mission Briefing

"Following your last successful mission where you gained vital data on the new Empire Tie Droid Fighter its time to engage them in combat and see what they can do. Rebel spies have reported a Imperial Carrier in the Midlandius Sector on a shake down run with a wing of these new fighters"

"Jump in and engage these fighters in combat, you will need to stay long enough to collect enough data for our scientists to build a better picture of these ships. Beware of Imperial back up"

Set Up

Place Tie Droids on the table, 2 for the first Rebel ship, another 1 for the second, 2 for the third and so on.

Roll 1 attack die for each Tie Droid, a crit hit and PS is 4, a hit PS is 3 anything else is a PS1.

Both sides start range 1 from their respective table edge, six asteroids are spread randomly across the middle of the table (standard 3 x 3).

Special Rules

Tie Droid Fighter - Stats and dial as a normal Tie Fighter, however all Red moves are white. Regardless of circumstances they can never have a stress marker. Ignore all Pilot critical hit effects and treat as a normal damage, however any hull critical causes feedback in the electrical system and the ship will explode regardless of how many damage it has left.

Tie Droid Fighter

Empire re enforcements - when two or more Tie Droids have been destroyed roll 1 attack die per pair, roll a crit and a pair of Fighters appear at the start of the turn at a random location on the board edge. Roll a hit and they arrive at the start of the next turn. Any other result and nothing appears.

Asteroids - Move randomly every 3 turns, roll 1 d12 for clock face direction and 1d4, 1 doesn't move, 2 or3 move straight 1, 4 straight 2, damage etc as main rules.

Jump to Hyperspace  - To leave the table you need to declare your attempt and then try and gain 2 critical hits, hits from previous rolls carry forward.
Turn 1. Roll 3 attack die
Turn 2. Roll 3 attack die + Pilot Skill / 2 (round up)
Turn 3. Automatically jump

Victory Conditions

Rebel Victory - Survive 8 turns.
Imperial Victory - Stop the above.

How did we get on

5 players this week with myself and Steve the stalwart Empire players. Another close fought game with the Rebels coming out on top. Comedy moment was provided by the Empire when a Tie Droid miscalculated and ran over a asteroid damaging itself, the Tie plotted a way round it and then the asteroid randomly moved so the Tie ran over it again causing more damage. The Rebels hung on to the end of turn 8 and jumped into hyperspace with the data on the Droid Fighters.

Rebel Pilot results below,

Pilot Rick O'Shea (3) - B Wing, survived, 3 kills - Totals, Missions 9, 5 GC, 10 kills
Pilot Spike Sharpie - X Wing (4), survived, 2 kills - Totals, Missions 9, 8 GC, 10 kills
Pilot Crank Case - Y Wing (2) survived, 1 kill - Totals, Missions 4, 5 GC 3 kills
Pilot Pop Cicle - B Wing (2) survived 0 kills - Totals, Missions 3, 3GC, 2 kills
Pilot Commander Wayne Kerr - X Wing (2) survived 1 kills - Totals, Missions 3, 6 GC, 1 kill.

Not Present
Pilot Sir Jeremy Dodger - X Wing (2), Not Present - Totals Missions 3, 7 GC, 2 kills
Pilot Twiki Bond - A Wing (1), Not Present - Totals Missions 1, 6 GC, 0 kills
Pilot Captain Tangent - A Wing (3), Not Present - Totals, Missions 5, 5 GC, 0 kills
Pilot Oi M'Groin - Y Wing (2) Not Present - Totals, Missions 3, 0 GC 0 kills
Pilot Brian RIP

Jim head mechanic in the Rebel Garage is having a week in Skegness as theres nowt to fix.

Result (2 pts for a win, 1 for a draw)

Rebel win

Campaign overall score is, Empire 8 pts, Rebels 10 pts

X Wing madness will return with game 10 in the first week of March. Hopefully one day FFG will bring a Tie Droid model out.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

28mm AWI - British Artillery - From Box to Table

Perry Miniatures - Tutorial

Fresh off the paint table this week is a battery of British Guns for my AWI army. I have added a battery for each brigade completed, the British Grenadier Scenarios have some games with Howitzers in so I decided to make that as the basis for this unit.

The figures are Perrys, I bought them from Dave Thomas a couple of years back, great figures as always.

The post is my usual Box to Table tutorial style which people seem to like and find useful.

The Guns

First up are the guns themselves, I construct prior to painting and then spray Halfords Matt Black Primer as an undercoat. For a base colour I use Citadel Foundation Fenris Grey.

Next up I have dry brushed the gun carriage with a 50:50 white / Fenris Grey mix and then painted the metal work with 70863 Gunmetal Grey.

To finish the guns off I have painted the barrel using Daler-Rowney Cryla Bronze and then given the carriage a wash of Devlan Mud GW ink and the barrel a wash of Ogryn Flesh GW Ink, it looks a bit dark in the photo but this was taken just after the wash was applied.

The Figures

Guns done we can move onto the figures themselves. Always high quality these needed a minimum of flash removal / clean up and then the Halfords Black Primer.

I do the large "messy" areas first starting with the trousers, I am literally splashing it all on at this point any mistakes will get covered or cleaned up later.

On the left, as viewed is the basic primed figure, then moving left to right we start with a full coat of 70990 Light Grey, next an overbrush of 70883 Silver Grey and a drybrush of 70820 Off White, finally picking out the highlights out with a 70951 White.

I seem to have lost a photo here, there should be a pic of painting the coat, base is a coat of 70899 Dark Prussian Blue with a highlight of 70965 Prussian Blue, I usually add a touch of white to the blue and do a small highlight on the extremities like the elbows.

The picture above shows my next steps, right to left this time, facings base coated Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red and highlighted Citadel Colour Blood Red. I will then use 70875 Biege Brown to block in the face, hands and any wooden accouterments. I will then add a highlight on the none flesh brown of 50:50 Beige Brown / Tan Yellow.

Right to left, the belts and turn backs are block painted with 70883 Silver Grey then highlighted with 70951 White, next up is the lace added, Citadel Foundation Ivanden Darksun as a base and a highlight of 70915 Yellow to make the lace "pop".

My usual figure finish, right to left, the face and hands is blocked in 70804 Beige Red, highlighted with 70815 Basic Skintone and then washed with Ogryn Flesh. I have also added a Devlan Mud wash to the wooden bits of kit.

The Base

A 60 x 40 mm 2mm MDF, I get mine from Tony at ERM, I glue the figs down and when dry slap a bit of plaster on the base, blending out the figure bases and leaving a nice textures surface for the next stage, leave to dry overnight.

Paint the whole base, Miniature Paints Earth Brown and then when dry, drybrush with a white / buff 50:50 mix.

I'll then add some random dollops of basetex, again leave to dry overnight before a drybrush of yellow. I finish the bases off with some grass tufts as below.

The Finished Unit

Just off the back of the TMP discussion on turnbacks and equipment colour below is my reference from Blandford Press, Uniforms of the American Revolution 1975.