Wednesday 28 September 2022

New 1/700 WW2 Naval Project


Two blog posts in a week ! My word is the blog coming back to life. Probably not but I've just neglected the blog for a while, but I still see it as the hub of everything that I do and the place to go to find links to everything else like the Podcast.

Every Project has an origin, sometimes it can be on the back burner for years, waiting for the right figures or it can be spontaneous from say a comment on the Podcast. This was one of the more immediate ones. 

I was on holiday and did my Annual pilgrimage to Wonderland Models in Edinburgh, now I can't leave that shop without making at least one purchase, this particular day nothing grabbed my attention but rather than leave with nothing I picked up the above 1/700 Revell Bismark kit.

In true wargaming style, I looked at the model and thought "these would look good on the table" so I thought about it a bit and bought a couple of Destroyers to see how they would look, and it went downhill from there 😀 

The Bismark model I had bought was full Hull so I cut that down to a waterline model and the madness had begun.

I've built and painted one of the models as a test, it's something I do with all new Projects. We already have a set of homebrew rules for WW2 which have a fixed size base for the class of ship, so in a highly technical fashion, I measured the largest Destroyer and decided on a base size based on that (it's 22cm x 6cm for those keen to know).

I got Warbases to custom make me some bases in 3mm mdf, I wanted the extra thickness to counter the potential warping issue on bases as these size. I made the base separately after drawing around the bottom of the ship model so that I could drop it in later. I find this a lot easier to do it this way for the painting process. 

I used a Water Foam Effecf from AK Interactive for the first time on these. I have done thousands of Naval models over the years but never something this big so it was an opportunity to try some new products and techniques on it.

I built the kit but left everything off the deck and painted and weathered everything separately before gluing it together and doing some detailing. As yet I haven't added any rigging, to be honest I ordered some thread for it and when it arrived I realised I have got the wrong colour.

I used some grime and rust streaking on the vessel which has definitely given it a lived in look. I have to say I think this is the best thing I've done in a long time, if ever. Its got me really enthusiastic about the Project so where is it going to go ?

I've built this model as HMS Echo, she was one of the 6 Destroyers that where allocated to the Hood and Prince of Wales before their fateful meeting with the Bismark. So that is my initial plan, to do the ships for Denmark Straight plus a few German Destroyers (for some small scale games) and see how I feel then, my friend Stephen is going to do some Japanese so the madness is catching.

So I went on the tinterwebnet and bought a few kits. It's actually not that expensive, with GHQ 1/2400 metals being around 19 quid and likely to go higher with the current exchange rate, 25 quid for a big 1/700 ship isn't that bad. I've already built two German Destroyers and another E Class British one and they are primed and ready to paint. I've also built the Hood which took a couple of days to put together but looks amazing, the base for that is 42cm x 10cm !

So there you have it, another new Project, with build and paint times quite long it will be a while before it gets on the table but like I said above a bit of Destroyer on Destroyer Action could happen before Xmas.

Those of you who have realised I've broken my One Period One Scale Rule are absolutely correct 😆

Monday 26 September 2022

Starting a 10mm War of the Spanish Succession Army or Two or Three


Oh my God its 10mm, I hear you cry ! Well yes it is, but let me explain. A long time ago, probably 15 years ago, I bought a couple of army packs (which grew to 8 army packs, but thats another story) to try out this "new" 10mm thing, but after doing a few test figures, I couldn't make my mind up how to represent units and my attention drifted off elsewhere.

Now I am no wargames butterfly, in fact I am pretty good at seeing Projects through, if not to the end at least to my usual 500 figure test game level. But this one just wouldn't flush and it sat in the box file I put it in all those years ago.

Moving to present day, regular visitors to Yarkshire Gamer will know that my current Big Project is the Battle of Mentana from the Italian Risorgimento, but apart from 4 Border Reiver figures from Flags of War, I have painted nothing but 28mm Italian Wars of Independence since 21st December 2021, I needed a palette cleanser and quickly.

So my lead pile is pretty small, I've been painting more than I've bought for about 10 years now and the backlog is slowly dissipating, so my eyes were drawn to the huge box of 10mm which had been maturing nicely in my mound of opportunity.

My intention was always to build a Savoyard Army of the period, something I have been interested in since an article way back in Issue 10 of Wargames Illustrated. The Army is relatively small so is a pretty realistic target, not including Milita it's 18 Battalions and a similar number of squadrons of Cavalry.

I decided, with my usual total disregard for rulesets to do 40 figure Battalions, based on 4 40 x 30 bases, for no other reason than it looked right to me. Cavalry will be on 40 x 50 bases, 8 figures per base, representing a Squadron, again for no other reason than me liking the look of it.

But after starting to sort out the figures into units I realised very quickly I had way more than 18 battalions, well you know what I say on the Podcast, Go Big or Go Home. The way I normally build a Project is to pick an Order of Battle from a particular Battle and build units to fill it, the Savoy Army was involved on both sides of the conflict, starting Allied with the French (at Chiari) before switching to the Imperialist side by Turin.

I picked the Battle of Chiari as my template, it has a large number if Savoy units in it and I had some half finished Frencb figures from my early tests 15 years ago so I could get a reasonable number of units together quickly. The whole thing has 120 Battalions and a similar number of squadrons so it will keep me busy for a while.

At the moment I am working on a unit in between Garibaldi Battalions but I reckon when the Mentana Project is done I will rattle through these pretty quickly.

So there you have it, the start of a new Project and my first "proper" blog post in a while, more updates to come.

Friday 2 September 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 30 - Carlo Pagano The Sands of Sudan


It's been a month or so since the last episode so it's great to be back with another Big Game Chat.

This time we are off to Perth, Australia to talk with Carlo Pagano about wargaming in general and his reconstitution of Peter Gilders Sands of Sudan Rules.

You can download the episode from any major Podcast Host or direct from Podbean on the link below, if you haven't already give the Podcast a follow, review or comment, it all helps raise the profile of the Podcast, thanks,

As usual we had disappeared down a rabbit hole within 15 minutes of the start but I'm sure you all tune into wargames Podcasts to discover the difference between Crown and Flat Green Bowling anyway !

It's back to the usual 4 part format, we learn about Carlos' wargaming history and his love of Big Games. Whilst the Quiz reveals yet more food choices from your Local Fish and Chip Shop as well as what pet hate has been banished into Wargames Room 101.

The Big Topic is all about Colonial Wargaming, something we haven't covered before on the show so there is a good chat about that before we move onto the Sands of Sudan Rules.

Carlo has managed to piece together the rules from old scraps of paper left at the Wargames Holiday Centre and information provided by former players. The rules have never been formally published as they were used as a bit of a palette cleanser between Big Napoleonic or ACW games during the Wargaming Weeks that Peter used to run.

Carlo has his website at

The rules can be obtained in the UK from Caliver Books

And directly from Carlo in Australia.

It's great to be back on air and I've got guests booked in now till Xmas and pencilled in until Feb 2023, having too many guests is a nice problem to have.

My next guest is Painter and Author Mark Hides, a Yorkshire Lad, Tune in, in a couple of weeks time as we find out more about life as a Professional Figure Painter.

Regards Ken 

The Yarkshire Gamer