Saturday 23 October 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 16 - Wargames Room 101


Here we go with Part 2 of the Brews in the Binyard Episode.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE - This Podcast contains at least 14 naughty words.

If you missed Episode 15 I was talking to Alex Sotheran of Storm of Steel and Sean Clark of Gods own Scale, it took us nearly 2 hours to get to the end of what is normally the first section of what is normally my first section of the Podcast, so a strategic decision was made to cut the recording in half and present it in two separate episodes.

So we start where we left off and have a short Big Game discussion (having covered a lot in Part 1). We then go into what can only be described as a "very different" Yarkshire Gamer Quiz. With Alex and Sean taking the quiz at the same time and Alex doing the quiz pretending to be me it made for the longest ever Quiz but probably the funniest.

Up next in homage to Seans Gods Own Scale Virtual Library I introduce Yarkshire Gamers Wargames Tip or Wargames Room 101. So if you have a particular aspect of Wargaming that's a pet hate for you then, if you can persuade me, I'll chuck it on an old trailer and take it down tip for you. Tune in to hear the choices of my two guests. 

We end the show with a #askournora Wargames Problem Page which generated some really interesting discussion. I finally disclose my detailed painting philosophy.

Alex produces excellent Battle Reports, Reviews and Painting Tutorials on his wonderful channel Storm of Steel

(3) Storm of Steel Wargaming - YouTube

Whilst my other guest hosts the brilliant God's Own Scale Podcast, broadcasting small scale loveliness to the world on a regular basis

God’s Own Scale Podcast (

Pop along and enjoy their content (obviously after you have listened to this first !)

I really enjoyed doing these episodes and hope to persuade Alex and Sean to come back and do a Brews in the Binyard special every now and again.

Back on the 2nd week of November with an interview with Jason Weiser who has just launched a new Wargames Magazine called Military Miniature in the US.

If you missed Episode 15 it's avaliable to watch on the Utubes 

Back soon, Sithee 

Regards Ken 
The Yarkshire Gamer 

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Syrian Vehicles for Team Yankee Oil War

A short while ago I did a tutorial video and post regarding a bit of a new Mini Project for Yarkshire Gamer, a mid 1980s Arab Israeli collection mostly using the Team Yankee models available from Battlefront. They are 15mm which is smaller than most of my more recent collections but I did look at 20mm and 28mm but couldn't find a decent range of figures and kits in either of those scales for the time period I was looking at, Yom Kippor and earlier loads of stuff, later nothing.

The photo above shows my first batch of vehicles, sufficient to get some playtesting done, with a few sets of rules to see what we like.

I like the presentation of Team Yankee but watching games on the Utubes it's very Warhammer like with the IGO kill everything and then UGO with what's left activation system. Which isn't what we do, the rules are clearly designed for a small table club game (which is great if that's what you want) where as I want large table weekend rules.

It would be a shame not to use the wonderfully produced and presented unit cards so I will be giving Team Yankee a go but with alternative activation systems. Firstly I will try our current card driven activation and see how that goes before trying an order chit (Johnny Reb style) system and see if that works.

Failure would send me initially to Battlegroup with a back up of Fist Full of TOWs and Modern Spearhead in reserve.

I've done the vehicles in a 3 colour colour scheme common to the pictures of Syrian tanks I can find from the time period. It consists of a sand yellow, a deep green and a mid to light grey, it often looks very worn in some of the real life shots. I did the basics with an airbrush, I will do a video tutorial on the next batch I do.

I've been very impressed by the Team Yankee models, the majority are plastic kits but some, like the Shilka AA are metal and resin. Detail on the models is very good, the plastics especially are easy to put together and most of the kits come with a number of options to make different models of the same vehicle.

The models do come with decals but these BMP are from the Russian collection so have Soviet markers. I have hand painted Arabic numerals on the vehicles, not in any confirmed Syrian Army official manner but so I can recognise most vehicles on the tabletop. I've discovered after painting these that the Fate of a Nation (earlier than oil war) Syrian T54 box set has Syrian decal markings included so at least I have some for the next batch.

I've put together a total of 26 Syrian Vehicles and I'm working on some Infantry after which I will do some playtesting. The tanks include a number of what ifs like these T62 Ms an update that appeared in Russia in 1983 but probably didn't arrive in Syria until much later.

It will be an interesting challenge to balance up the scenarios in the period to make them more playable and not a straight up Israeli walk over. These T62M and some T64s (below)  will hopefully help that balance.

I'm quite happy with how these have turned out, a nice basic fairly straight forward paint job but plenty good enough for what I want.

The main stay of the force will be these basic T62s to which I will add some T54/5.

So there we have it, part 1 of my Syrian forces, more to come in the future. Next up will be the Syrian Infantry and then some more Israeli vehicles so I can get those playtests underway.

Friday 8 October 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 15 - Brews in the Binyard with Alex and Sean

I want you to think of this as more like a Magazine Episode, obviously not Hello Magazine, more like Hey Up, Love.

I've gathered together my own little Wargaming "Supergroup" and managed to persuade the Giant of the Utubes Alex "Storm of Steel" Sotheran and the Podcast Legend Sean "God's Own Scale" Clark to appear together in this episode.

We chatted for that long (nearly 4 hours) that I have had to split the recording into two parts, the first half would be the introduction section in the normal episodes.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE - This Podcast contains at least 4 naughty words.

Back in the day a Parental Guidance sticker would get you another million album sales, here's hoping.

Alex produces excellent Battle Reports, Reviews and Painting Tutorials on his wonderful channel Storm of Steel

(3) Storm of Steel Wargaming - YouTube

Above is the building Alex has done at the start of #terraintober

Whilst my other guest hosts the brilliant God's Own Scale Podcast, broadcasting small scale loveliness to the world on a regular basis

God’s Own Scale Podcast (

Sean's paint table and his latest 15mm Mexican Revolution figures

Pop along and enjoy their content (obviously after you have listened to this first !)

The Episode is available via Podbean and all other Podcast hosts or directly through the link below

If you missed the last episode with me and Robbie Roddis talking The Borgias and Peter Gilder, its available now on the Utubes 

Back in a fortnight for part two of Brews in the Binyard 


Regards Ken 
The Yarkshire Gamer 

Friday 1 October 2021

Op Compass Game 10 - Bringing Home the Pasta


It's been a while, May 2020 to be precise, since I last posted on our Op Compass Campaign, the enforced Covid break and a concentration of Italian Wars has seen a long delay between our early war desert adventures, but its time to get back to the sands of North Africa.

We use 28mm figures and a set of our own rules based very loosely on Disposable Hero's.

The history of the Campaign and additional rules specific to Scenarios can be found on the link below,

Historical Background 

It's the 14th December 1940 and the Italian strongpoints in Egypt have been taken and they are falling back towards Bardia. The last remnants of the Italian forces at Fort Capuzzo are heading towards the new lines and the local commander has sent out some of his armoured forces to escort the Capuzzo troops and supplies into the relative safety of his zone of control.

The British on the other hand have sent their lighter, faster Cruiser and MkVI tanks in a wide arc round the flank of the Italians in an attempt to cut the road and capture the last troops from Capuzzo before they reach safety.

Set Up and Terrain 

Our full 12 x 6 table was used and shown in the picture above, as viewed North is to the right. The retreating Italian forces from Capuzzo will be travelling towards the camera the escorting forces from Bardia away from the Camera. British forces appear to the left of the camera.

The terrain consists of a rough track which winds around an Oasis and some low hills. The whole table is scattered with light scrub which offers the lowest level of cover interspersed with small areas of rocky outcrops.

Special Rules 

Breakdown rule in play, all vehicles moving off the track roll 2d6 before moving, double 1 and the vehicle will need to roll again on the Breakdown table.

Moonlight Night - the action happens at night, it is a full moon with high winds, which is pushing patches of sparse cloud across the sky causing variation in visibility.

Standard visibility is 36 inches. Each turn roll 2d20, one plus, one minus and apply that roll to the visibility distance each turn. So a roll of + 16 and -7 will give a visibility of 45 inches that turn.

British Briefing  - You have swung round the Italian lines, you need to capture and secure the road preventing as many Italian Units from escaping Fort Capuzzo as you can.

Your forces are as follows 

Hq - 1 x A9 Cruiser Tank

A Coy 3 x A9 Cruiser Tanks

B Coy 3 x A10 Cruiser Tanks

C Coy 3 x MkVI Light Tanks 

Italian Briefing  - Your last remaining support troops are retreating back towards the new front line and Bardia. You need to hold the road open for as long as you can and get as many of the supply and rear echelon units to safety.

From Fort Capuzzo 

Hq - 1 x Staff Car with Commander and driver with 1 Truck ccontaining luxury items and 2 motorcycles 

Convoy 1 - 3 x Trucks containing Chef and his kitchen staff

Convoy 2 - 3 x Trucks containing  various items of Food and Drink

From Bardia

Hq - 1 x M11/39 Tank

A Coy - 3 x M11/39 Tanks 

B Coy - 3 x M11/39 Tanks

C Coy - 3 x M11/39 Tanks 

D Coy - 3 x Tankettes

Umpire Briefing 

The game doesn't necessarily need to be run by an Umpire as the activation deck and reinforcement rules will give all the randomness required. But this section will explain how the game should progress.

If you don't use card Activation in your games already this game uses them. Each unit above (Coy or Convoy) needs a card, in addition to that a British Reinforcement Card is required as well as an Italian Reinforcement Card. For regular players this game has no Tea Break or Event Cards.

Start the game with just three cards in the game deck, Italian HQ, Italian Reinforcement and British Reinforcement.

The Italian HQ will move on table from Fort Capuzzo on the track at the "sky" end of the table. When a Reinforcement card first comes out of the deck, that player rolls a 1d4, give a number of counters equal to the number rolled to that player.

When a player has counters in their hand, when their Reinforcement card comes out they hand in a counter, if they have no counters they randomly select a card from their available reinforcementsand add it to the game deck, re roll the d4 and the process starts again.

Italian Reinforcements will arrive at their designated entry point (see Italian Briefing). When the Italian HQ from Fort Capuzzo exits the table or is destroyed that card turns into the HQ from Bardia and a M11/39 HQ Tank arrives from Bardia.

British Reinforcements will arrive on the left of the table (as viewed in the photo) at a random location. Our table is 12 ft long so we simply roll a d12 to determine where a unit enters the table.

The game ends when the last vehicle from Fort Capuzzo exits the table at the Bardia end of the table or is destroyed.

The Convoy is merely a game timer (the players shouldn't know this). The goal of the game is to control the road whilst the Convoy is in play.

How did we get on 

The game started with the Italian HQ setting off from Fort Capuzzo (see above) and a bit of good luck saw it get 4 turns on the table before the first British forces arrived and then it was the single A9 HQ Tank which arrived at the Bardia end of the table.

The A9 set up in a Hull Down position to wait for the Convoy to arrive, when your in an A9 hiding behind a hill is a good idea !

But just as the Convoy came into sight three M11/39s turned up on the Bardia Road giving the A9 a perfect flank shot. One shot, one kill. But the Chef managed to slip off table in the excitement.

The Chef leaving the table brought on the Italian HQ Tank on the table which joined in the slug fest between the A9 and the surviving 2 M11/39s. Or at least it tried to, the tank immediately broke down with an oil leak, caught fire and had to be abandoned. Oh how we laughed !

Eventually the A9 got damaged and its 2pdr was put out of action so it had to retreat from its Hull Down location, luckily for the British their next Reinforcement had arrived the 3 A10s, which in Dec 1940, in the desert is a damn fine Tank.

All this gave me a great excuse to drive the damaged A9 down my lovely new Dry Wadi beds courtesy of The Last Valley.

The Tankettes had very wisely got out of the shooting zone very quickly and advanced to (my new Last Valley) Oasis to escort the Convoys across the Middle of the table.

The damaged A9 managed to get in the middle of the table and took out 3 trucks with its machine guns.

But the remaining M11/39s arrived on the table and despite a number of losses they managed to hold the road open and let the remaining Convoy vehicles exit the table.

And the winner is,

The British lost an A10 and had an A9 badly damaged, the MkVI tanks didn't make it on the table. The Italians lost 4 M11/39s (one to break down) and 3 Trucks. With the Italians holding the road I gave them the win and a big four points in our Campaign.

So after 10 games the score is British 20 Italians 20, only 13 more games to go !

Hopefully it won't be nearly 2 years before we do the next one.