Wednesday 11 April 2018

OpCompass 1940 - Resource Page

This is a seperate resource page for our on going WW2 Desert Campaign based on the events of Op Compass. It contains links to all the previous games as well as recurring rules.

The games are based on the book Operation Compass by Robert Avery which is sold by the toofatlardies for their "I ain't been shot mum" rules. Although I have changed a few things round to make the scenarios work better for us I highly recommend the book as a great source of information and ideas. You can pick it up HERE for seven of your English Pounds.


Difficult Going - Before moving each vehicle throws 2 d6, on a double, 1 2 or 3 the vehicle bogs down and cannot move that turn. It can perform other actions (such as spot / load etc) so long as they declared that before the roll. On a double 4,5 or 6 the vehicle needs to roll again on the Breakdown table.

Breakdown - when required to do so a vehicle will roll 1d6 and apply the following result,

1 = It was just a misfire, carry on as normal.
2 = A wheel has got stuck but a bit of welly frees it, no movement for 1 turn.
3 = Minor Problem 2d6 > 5 to fix, may take 1 action if successfully fixed
4 = Major Problem 2d6 > 7 to fix, no further actions that turn.
5 = Serious Problem 2d6 > 9 to fix, no further actions that turn.
6 = It's buggered ! Crew abandon vehicle.

Victory Points

At the end of each game points are awarded to each side depending on the result of the game, the total carried forward to the next game to give an overall Campaign standing.

Major Victory  - Winner 4 points, Loser 0 points.
Winning Draw - Winner 3 points, Loser 1 point.
Draw - 2 points each.

Objectives in the game are particularly high for the British, this was a very one sided Campaign and sometimes having a couple of men left was a major victory for the Italian Forces.

Italian Brittle Morale

Especially in the early stages of the Campaign Italian Troops, often in a hopeless situation surrendered in large numbers. The poor morale is already reflected in their low game values however in some games this additional rule is used.

Our rules use a system of pinning, to reflect failed morale tests, getting worse with each pin until at pins the unit is removed from the table.

When this rule is in force any Italian unit with 2 pins will roll a d6 and it surrenders on a roll of 1 or 2, for 3 pins it surrenders on a 1,2 or 3.

Dry and Dusty 

When this rule is in force add +1 to spotting rolls for every 10" or part there of that the unit being spotted moves.

E.g. An Infantry Section moves forward 6", +1 to spot it. An Armoured Car moves 21", +3 to spot it.

Ammo Dumps

When stuck by Artillery or Mortar Fire an Ammo Dump will set on fire and have a chance of further explosions. As soon as fire is set and once at the start of every turn follow the following procedure,

1. Roll 2d6 one plus and one minus, any minus and the wind direction changes (on the first turn of the fire ignore this), then roll 1d12 and 1d6 to indicate smoke direction from the fire the d12 indicates the clock direction and the d6 the number of 60 x 50mm smoke markers. So a roll of 7 and 4 would mean 4 markers at 7 o'clock from the dump. The dumps will burn all game once lit.

2. Roll 2d6 one plus and one minus, on any minus an additional explosion has occurred, roll 1 d 12 and a random direction indicator (the Spin for It App is ideal), the d12 is the distance in inches. At that location place a standard Mortar round and calculate any casualties as normal or if you are really good, set another Ammo Dump off ! Any double rolled on the initial pair of dice mean the explosions have stopped (the fire and smoke continues).

Sandstorm  - represented by a randomly shaped object about 12 inches round. At the start of each turn the Sandstorm moves in a random direction, roll 1 d10, 1 inch equals one spot on the dice i.e. 6 = 6 inches. Chose direction with a dice or spinner.

Any troops under the Sandstorm will not activate whilst they are under it. There is no shooting, spotting or moving through a Sandstorm.


Game 5 - Same Day Different Fort

The British attacks on the Forts continue.

Heavy losses on the British side lead to a draw, 2 points each.

Running Total British 13 Italian 7

Game 4 - Last Stand

British Forces attack through an Italian Fort as the Italians desperately hold on.

Our result - a draw 2 points each

Running Total British 11 points Italian 5 points

Game 3 - T'Egypt Bound 

A rare Italian Attack that didn't go too well for us, an easy British Victory 

Our Result British Win 4 pts

Running Total, British 9, Italian 3

Game 2 - Turkey Shoot

Game 2 sees a small mobile armoured British Recon Force locating and trying to destroy an Italian Convoy.

Our Result - A draw, 2 points each.

Running Total - British 5, Italian 3

Game 1 - Tally Ho

A quick one night only game with a group of lightly armoured British Recon units rush to break through a thin layer of Italian defences, watch out for those mines !

Our Result - Winning Draw British, 3 points to the Brits, 1 to the Italians

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