Friday 30 March 2018

Anyscale Models WW2 Trucks (A Review)

Being a bit tight with tha brass (don't like spending money (translation)) I am always on the look out for a bit of added value and with these models I think I might have found some.

Now personally, in my head, I always equate usefulness on the tabletop with cost, I don't mind 20 to 25 pounds on a good old armoured tank bristling with guns and such but why do I need to pay the same for a dirty old workhorse truck ?

CMP Truck
So when I saw these on eBay for 11 pounds each my eyes lit up, got to grab me a couple of those bad boys and see what the craic is. So I bought a CMP and an Austin K 5 just to see what they were like and very impressed I was too.

The photos above show how the kits arrive, 4 bits, that's my kind of model ! The pieces are resin with a pre fitted wire guard on the front, they fit together well with minimal fuss. I did find a few bubble holes in the resin, mostly on the wheels but at 11 quid a pop I was expecting much worse.

The detail, again considering the price, is pretty damn good and a spot of dry brushing and some washes have really brought out the panel lines. The canvas covers are removable and come in a slightly different resin to better simulate cloth.

K5 Kit
So if you are looking for some for some low cost solutions to your WW2 Transport issues don't look any further than Anyscale. They have a good selection of trucks as well as the odd tank and a good range of scenics.

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