Wednesday 21 March 2018

28mm WW1 Turkish Cavalry

Something a bit different this week. My Infantry forces for Mesopotamia are pretty big now with 12 Empire and 9 Turkish Battalions it's time I sorted out a few Cavalry units. The big problem here is figure choice, there just isn't any.

I found these figures tucked away in an obscure corner of the Minifigs website, in the Setting the East Ablaze range, regular readers will know the Highlanders came from the same range.

By modern standards I would describe the figures as "functional", detail is pretty good but there is only one standard pose (just like the old days !). The horses look a bit big to me but that's just nit picking. I will be building this up to a 26 figure unit with 2 x HQ Figs and four companies of 6, so that's just under half a unit done.

Lances are from Arcane Scenery and I have made the lance pennants from some sticky labels.

There aren't many photos of Turkish Cavalry in Mesopotamia, the one above is from Jerusalem. The match to the figures is pretty good, it does show that the Turks did like a BIG lance pennant  !

The Cavalry in Mesopotamia spent most of the war trying to flank each other and the trench works of the other side, they were almost constantly in action when the armies were in motion so there is plenty of scope to use these in gaming scenarios, I just need to build up the forces concerned.

Things have been fairly steady here on the gaming front with work and weather reducing the gaming opportunities but we should be back in the swing of things soon.

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