Wednesday 7 April 2021

Troops on Parade - Kingdom of Heaven


Strange things happen in lockdown, like watching films and wondering what a particular scene would look like set up with your toy soldiers. If there is any disadvantage to the end of Covid its going to be the lack of opportunity to do mad, spontaneous photo shoots as the wargames table gets filled up with actual gaming !

So I randomly came across the charge scene from the movie Kingdom of Heaven and I thought, I can do that, so I did and I left the photos here as proof.

My 28mm Christian Crusades Cavalry currently consists of 3 units of Knights and 2 units of Sgts, plus 4 Command Bases. The figures are all from Fireforge Games apart from three of the Command Bases which are from 1st Corps.

Above is a detail view of King Baldwin and my Kingdom of Jerusalem Knights based on uniforms from the film.

Next up are my Knights of St Lazarus, the Leper Knights, an order I have been fascinated by for most of my adult life, they only ever put 30 or so Knights in the field, but what the hell 😉 I was always going to have a unit of them.

The third unit of Red Knights are the later Hospitallers, some one donated a box of Teutonic Knights to the collection and rather than waste them I deliberately painted them up in a later livery, mostly just to wind people up 😁

Setting them out in a wedge formation and taking the photos was really good fun, there are only 70 figures here but what a powerful bunch of figures they are ! So I will just let the pictures do the talking.

Knights of Jerusalem 

Thanks for your indulgence in my Kingdom of Heaven set up


  1. Brilliant idea and inspirational

  2. Saw these on the bookFace. They are stunningly cool.

  3. Wow 😳! Fantastic pictures, Ken. I glad you were inspired to get the figures out and also to take some pictures. They look really good in all of the pictures but I especially like the wedge shots. Those Jerusalem knights of yours are a photogenic bunch, and seem to steal the show in every photo shoot 👍

    1. Many thanks, it was fun to put these together 👍

  4. Simply superb Ken in every respects: quality, quantity and dynamic feel. Thank you for sharing!