Monday, 26 September 2022

Starting a 10mm War of the Spanish Succession Army or Two or Three


Oh my God its 10mm, I hear you cry ! Well yes it is, but let me explain. A long time ago, probably 15 years ago, I bought a couple of army packs (which grew to 8 army packs, but thats another story) to try out this "new" 10mm thing, but after doing a few test figures, I couldn't make my mind up how to represent units and my attention drifted off elsewhere.

Now I am no wargames butterfly, in fact I am pretty good at seeing Projects through, if not to the end at least to my usual 500 figure test game level. But this one just wouldn't flush and it sat in the box file I put it in all those years ago.

Moving to present day, regular visitors to Yarkshire Gamer will know that my current Big Project is the Battle of Mentana from the Italian Risorgimento, but apart from 4 Border Reiver figures from Flags of War, I have painted nothing but 28mm Italian Wars of Independence since 21st December 2021, I needed a palette cleanser and quickly.

So my lead pile is pretty small, I've been painting more than I've bought for about 10 years now and the backlog is slowly dissipating, so my eyes were drawn to the huge box of 10mm which had been maturing nicely in my mound of opportunity.

My intention was always to build a Savoyard Army of the period, something I have been interested in since an article way back in Issue 10 of Wargames Illustrated. The Army is relatively small so is a pretty realistic target, not including Milita it's 18 Battalions and a similar number of squadrons of Cavalry.

I decided, with my usual total disregard for rulesets to do 40 figure Battalions, based on 4 40 x 30 bases, for no other reason than it looked right to me. Cavalry will be on 40 x 50 bases, 8 figures per base, representing a Squadron, again for no other reason than me liking the look of it.

But after starting to sort out the figures into units I realised very quickly I had way more than 18 battalions, well you know what I say on the Podcast, Go Big or Go Home. The way I normally build a Project is to pick an Order of Battle from a particular Battle and build units to fill it, the Savoy Army was involved on both sides of the conflict, starting Allied with the French (at Chiari) before switching to the Imperialist side by Turin.

I picked the Battle of Chiari as my template, it has a large number if Savoy units in it and I had some half finished Frencb figures from my early tests 15 years ago so I could get a reasonable number of units together quickly. The whole thing has 120 Battalions and a similar number of squadrons so it will keep me busy for a while.

At the moment I am working on a unit in between Garibaldi Battalions but I reckon when the Mentana Project is done I will rattle through these pretty quickly.

So there you have it, the start of a new Project and my first "proper" blog post in a while, more updates to come.

Friday, 2 September 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 30 - Carlo Pagano The Sands of Sudan


It's been a month or so since the last episode so it's great to be back with another Big Game Chat.

This time we are off to Perth, Australia to talk with Carlo Pagano about wargaming in general and his reconstitution of Peter Gilders Sands of Sudan Rules.

You can download the episode from any major Podcast Host or direct from Podbean on the link below, if you haven't already give the Podcast a follow, review or comment, it all helps raise the profile of the Podcast, thanks,

As usual we had disappeared down a rabbit hole within 15 minutes of the start but I'm sure you all tune into wargames Podcasts to discover the difference between Crown and Flat Green Bowling anyway !

It's back to the usual 4 part format, we learn about Carlos' wargaming history and his love of Big Games. Whilst the Quiz reveals yet more food choices from your Local Fish and Chip Shop as well as what pet hate has been banished into Wargames Room 101.

The Big Topic is all about Colonial Wargaming, something we haven't covered before on the show so there is a good chat about that before we move onto the Sands of Sudan Rules.

Carlo has managed to piece together the rules from old scraps of paper left at the Wargames Holiday Centre and information provided by former players. The rules have never been formally published as they were used as a bit of a palette cleanser between Big Napoleonic or ACW games during the Wargaming Weeks that Peter used to run.

Carlo has his website at

The rules can be obtained in the UK from Caliver Books

And directly from Carlo in Australia.

It's great to be back on air and I've got guests booked in now till Xmas and pencilled in until Feb 2023, having too many guests is a nice problem to have.

My next guest is Painter and Author Mark Hides, a Yorkshire Lad, Tune in, in a couple of weeks time as we find out more about life as a Professional Figure Painter.

Regards Ken 

The Yarkshire Gamer 

Thursday, 25 August 2022

28mm Papal Dragoons for the Risorgimento


I've finally put the finishing touches to my Papal Army for the Battle of Mentana by adding a unit of Papal Dragoons. The figures are from Gringo 40s, they aren't always avaliable on the Website but I managed to sweet talk the owner Gd Cronin to get some made up and it was well worth it.

I've done them as 12 figures, there were 106 Dragoons with the Papal Troops and another 50 with the French Column so that's a figure ratio of about 13 to 1. Most of my Infantry units are around 15 to 1 so that works perfectly.

The flag for the unit is known and should be green with a very complicated coat of arms on, but as with the other units in the force I've used a simple Papal States flag for now and if I can source a "proper" flag I'll substitute it in later on.

The figures are really nice but they are really big compared to other 28mm figs and they absolutely dwarf Perry Miniatures. My normal Cavalry are on 50 x 60 bases with 2 per base, I've had to put these on 60 x 70 bases.

I was trying to get the Project ready for the end of October but the Perrys still haven't released their French Franco Prussian War Infantry so I'm a bit stuck at the moment so it looks like I won't be able to put the Mentana game on this year.

The unit also features in this months Wargames Update on the Utubes 

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 29 Brews in the Binyard Summer Special Part Deux

Its only been a week I know and you are either eagerly awaiting the second part of Brews in the Bin Yard Summer Special or still recovering from the first one.

Link to the episode on Podbean is below, also available on most other Podcast Hosts

Either way its here and in this part of the show we answer questions from different members of Yarkshire Gamer, Gods Own Scale and Storm of Steel audiences and try and keep you entertained. If you don't enjoy the first 30 seconds of the interview then its going to be a long two hours ! Its the usual Ask Our Nora madness !

As always my guests for Brews, I say guests but they are more part of the furniture now, are

Sean Clark of Gods Own Scale Podcast

and Alex Sotheran of Storm of Steel Utubes

This month the Podcast has gone past 40,000 downloads on the two formats its released on, so thank you all for your continued support.

The previous episode is out on the Utubes now, so pop along and give it a watch, enjoy the pictures 😉

Next episode we will return to the normal format and I hope to be speaking to my first guest for a while from Australia, Carlo Pagano and the story of him bringing back to life Peter Gilders Sands of Sudan Rules.

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

Monday, 18 July 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 28 - Brews in the Binyard - Summer Special


Welcome to the Podcast within a Podcast, the irrelevant chat of three middle aged men who are old enough to know better.

You can download the episode from any major Podcast Host or direct from Podbean on the link below, a like, follow or comment are most welcome, it helps raise the profile of the show.

In between mentions of 80s TV detective Eddie Shoestring, Avocado Bathroom Suites, the sad demise of Bob Point and of course Sean tells us more tales from his deep in depth knowledge of the Mexican Revolution, there is on occasion some wargames chat.

But if your looking for some informative discussion on your early medieval army list options for your next competition then much, much more serious podcasts are available. 

We catch up on what the boys are doing with their channels before we take a deep dive into the Wargames Room 101 entries of my previous guests and see if any of them can be rescued from the Vault.

With nearly 4 hours of material recorded I decided once again to split this episode in half, with the second part released next week. So if you put a question forward it will be answered in the next episode.

WARNING - This episode contains some bouts of mild cursing, all references to that lot over the hill have been removed in editing.

My guests are of course Sean Clark of Gods Own Scale

And Alex Sotheran of Storm of Steel

And of course The previous episode is now on the Utubes 

Until next week, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 27 The Dark Side of the Crack


It's time for the 2nd Part of my chat with Martin 7th Son and @point_hq more irrelevant #wargames chat, including Jazz in #wargaming videos 🙃 out on Podbean and other hosts now, link to the show below,

If you have recovered from the first part (Episode 26 Crack on Lad) then its time to conclude my marathon chat with Martin and Ste from The Plastic Crack Podcast.

This is the normal final section on the show and we chat with the guys about their own Utubes channels, their accidental arrival on the show and how they are still technically squatting !

We discuss the musical merits of Jazz as a background to videos and the typical Wargamers timeline going from Project to Collection to Obsession and finally Divorce.

Its a one hit show without the normal breaks so if your of a certain age you might want to visit the loo first before pressing play.

Thanks again to my guests, Martin from 7th Son

7th Son - YouTube

and Ste from On Point HQ

On Point HQ - YouTube

The next episode will hopefully be a Brews in the Binyard Summer Special, stay tuned !

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

As always the previous episode is available on the Utubes 

Friday, 17 June 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast 26 - Crack on Lad with Martin and Ste from PCP

Its time to meet the other half of the Plastic Crack Podcast Crew, you heard the story of Dom and Ken in Episode 20 so now its time to hear the truth from Martin and Ste !

You can listen to the episode via the link below or any major Podcast Host just search for Yarkshire Gamer

It was a monster of a recording tipping in at nearly 4 hours, so rather than cut it down I've split it into two episodes so this one covers the usual Intro, Quiz and Room 101 sections, tune in next week for the main topic, PCP and Crackcon.

It wouldn't be a Reet Big Wargames Podcast without the odd diversion and this week we treat you to the wonders of Serial Killer Top Trumps and the northern culinary delight that is "Pea Wet".

Martin runs the highly successful You Tube Channel 7th Son, covering lots of different periods but probably best known for his Wars of the Roses features, you can find his channel here,

Ste is the owner of the On Point HQ Channel, he is well known for his Bolt Action 28mm armies as well as the weirdness that is Turnip 28 !

As always the previous episode with Stephen Barker is now available on the Utubes 

Hope you enjoy this half of the episode and we will be back next Friday for the second half, in the meantime to save you Googling it, heres a link to the Top Trumps

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

Friday, 27 May 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 25 - Stephen Barker


25 episodes done ! and for this, Yarkshire Gamers Silver Jubilee I have gone back into the mists of time.

My guest Stephen Barker is not only a Historian, Author and Battlefield Guide he is one of my oldest Wargaming friends. So if you want to hear a couple of old chums, being all misty eyed, talking about their Big Game origins, this is the episode for you.

You can download the episode on the link below,

Stephen has been away from Wargaming for quite some time now and it was interesting to chat with him about his observations on the hobby after a lengthy gap and how he is enjoying his rebirth into the hobby. We had met up at the Partizan Show (May 2022) the day before our recording and that influenced the conversation and was a good reference point for our chat about the state of the hobby today. 

We come back to earth with the Yarkshire Gamer Quiz and Wargames Room 101, listen as another pet hate is banished to the Wargames Tip !

The above picture is from sometime in the mid 1980s and the gang setting up for a 15mm refight of Leipzig.

The usual Big Topic Chat at the end of the show covers a number of topics. Stephen runs a number of Battlefield Tours around the Oxford area featuring the English Civil War and The Great War covering both general histories and Battlefield Tours of Edgehill, Naseby and Cropredy Bridge. Walking these hallowed fields is a topic we haven't covered before on this Podcast so it was great to get an insight behind the scenes.

Stephen has also brought out a couple of books, his first a history of the 8th East Lancs Battalion brings to life on of those short lived units of the 1st World War.

Lancashire's Forgotten Heroes, 8th (Service) Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment in the Great War: Stephen Barker, Christopher Boardman: 9780752448121: Books

Then finally after a couple of hours of chat we get to the title of the episode. The Flying Sikh is the title of my guests new book which has just been released. It tells the fascinating story of the only Sikh airman to fly with the RAF/RFC during the First World War. We discuss the origins of the book and get some tasters of this unique story. The book is published by Pen and Sword and can be purchased via the link below,

Pen and Sword Books: The Flying Sikh - Hardback (

I hope you enjoy my chat with Stephen, it explains a lot about my own Big Game obsession. I plan to be back in a couple of weeks time with the other half of the Plastic Crack Pod Cast, Martin (7th Son) and Ste (On Point HQ) will be my guests.

And as always the previous episode with Iain McDonald of Flags of War is now available on the Utubes 

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer 

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 24 - Iain McDonald Flags of War

This episode we are back to the usual interview format and my guest is Iain McDonald who runs the company Flags of War.


Just like it says on the tin Iain supplies a huge range of 28mm flags from right across the span of history to wargamers throughout the world.

If that wasn't enough on top of a full time job and a family Iain has branched out into producing 28mm figures. Starting with figures covering the Gangs of New York inspired by the Warriors movie. He has moved on to cover the Jacobite Rebellions and has one of the most complete ranges available for that period. 

Iain produces figures for periods he loves himself and that clearly shows, he has ranges of War of the Austrian Succession and The Border Reivers in the pipeline.

But as with all my guests we don't just talk shop, we cover Iains wargames history, cover the Venn Diagram of Wargaming and of course have a bit of Big Game Chat.

The Quiz breaks down into a discussion about Fish and Chips whilst we get another successful entry into Wargames Room 101.

Iain was a great guest and its always great to hear from enthusiastic people who run smaller companies for the love of the hobby. 

Flags of War can be found at,

Flags of War

Thanks for listening and if you haven't already please subscribe to the Podcast (it's free) it helps to increase the profile of the show to a wider audience.

The previous episode with 3 guests, Simon Hall, Mark Freeth and Dr Chris Brown is now available on the Utubes 

I hope to be speaking with my old friend, Historian, Author, Battlefield Guide and Wargamer Stephen Barker in the next Episode.

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

Saturday, 16 April 2022

28mm Italian Risorgimento Project


Running multiple social media platforms can get a bit confusing and for reasons discussed before I've not been doing blog posts as frequently as a few years ago. There was a time when most new units would have their own posts, something which I now tend to do on Facebook, the outcome of this is that I've hardly covered my 28mm Italian Risorgimento Project on here.

Above is a picture of the Project to date 6 units of 24 Garibaldi, 1 unit of 16, a battery of 3 guns and a Command Stand plus a unit of 36 Papal Troops. The end goal is both sides for the Battle of Mentana which is just over 30 units so I'm about one third of the way through.

The majority of the figures are from Gringo 40s who do a good range of Garibaldi Infantry (along with Piedmont and Neopolitan troops which I'm not using), the figures have great detail and provide a great base to build a project around. A link to the range is below,

Outside of that range Shako 64 in Italy do a decent range and some English language uniform guides, worries around delivery from Italy has limited my Shako 64 purchases to date, the Garibaldi Artillery are from that range.

One of the challenges of the period is sourcing figures and their has some fun improvisation along the way, these Perry Miniatures British Intervention Force figures have doubled up as a unit of the Dunne Battalion, its reminded me of the old days of wargaming in many ways !

Look out for some more wierd and wonderful figure use over the coming months. Half of the Papal Army were French and I am currently waiting for the Perrys to release their Franco Prussian French plastic box set, if that doesn't happen in the next couple of months (I'm looking at doing this as a display game at FIASCO in October) then I will need to get some from another company.

My favourite unit so far is definitely my Papal Zouaves, a mixture of Perry Miniatures plastic ACW Zouaves and metal, kepi heads from Steve Barber Models and 36 figures strong to me it looks the business, I have another unit the same size to do along with Skirmish bases and a Commander to form a Zouave Brigade which I am really looking forward to getting on the table.

I will try and keep the blog updated a little bit more with this project as it goes along, I'm still not sure what rules I'm going to use as I've struggled to get anything specific for the period yet. I'm going to pick up a copy of Pickets Charge and see if I can Italian Risorgimento them !