Friday 2 December 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast 33 - The Third Reet Grand Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 33 and the 3rd of our Catch Up Episodes. I've just realised I didn't put this up on the blog when I first published it, so here it is now 😅 

A different format to usual for the new listener, today I've dipped into my previous guests and picked out 3 for a bit of a chat to see what they have been upto since we last talked.

First up from Episode 22 is Simon Miller. We had to cut the last interview short (well after 2 hours 😀) and we never got to hear about his wavy bases !

We talk about Simons current Projects and his plans for the future before he drops the bomb shell on me that he has co written a book on the Italian Wars, he kept that quiet.

Simons Big Red Bat Shop is here

Whilst the book can be bought from Helion here

My next guest Richard Harris goes way back to Episode 2 of the Podcast and he is one of the owners of Legendary Wargames, we chat about plans for the coming year as well as the forthcoming release of "Grand Skeedadle" a Peter Gilder inspired set of ACW rules. Enjoy it as me and Richard fail to take 1813 from 2014 😆

information and bookings for Legendary Wargames can be done here

And then up last to bat is good friend of the show, Nick Skinner from the Toofatlardies who was last seen in Episode 7. Nick has been a busy boy since we last spoke. We chat about his numerous visits to the continent, the goings on at Lard Island as well as a bonus entry into Wargames Room 101.

Toofatlardies goodies are available here

It's a long one but with three great guests 2 and a half hours will fly by.

My next guest will be Rohan Saravanamuttu who has just published a Wargamers guide to the ultimate Napoleonic Battle, Leipzig, hopefully out in a fortnight.

Until then, Sithee 

Regards Ken 

The Yarkshire Gamer 

As usual the previous episode with Chris Flowers is out on the Utubes if that's you preferred method of listening 

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