Thursday 22 December 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast 37 - Xmas Brews in the Binyard 2022


It wouldn't be #Christmas without a spot of Brews in the Binyard, join me Alex and Sean as we tackle the big questions, out now on Podbean and all other #Podcast Hosts

Christmas comes round once a year and with it comes our traditional (well we've done it twice) Brews in the Binyard Special Episode (Link Above)

As always I am joined by my two scale "experts" Alex "Storm of Steel" Sotheran and Sean "Gods Own Scale (retd.)" Clark for a 3 and a half hour Monster Episode. If you are taking this in one sitting make sure you are warm and have adequate supplies of food and drink to hand and preferably something massive to paint. If that's two much then the show is split into 3 easier to digest sections.

The episode opens with a little story from Nick Skinner of Toofatlardies and if you don't enjoy that its going to be a very long 3 and a half hours. Interspersed throughout the show are Xmas messages from those guests from 2022 who could work out how to record a voice file ;-)

After the usual introductions and catch ups, section 1 has a relatively (for us) serious discussion on the tropes associated with World War 1, triggered by an episode of the American Podcast "Anything But a One". Alex and Sean are on fire in this one and have slapped the gauntlet down to the Blackadder like views of our Colonial friends.

Towards the end of the first part Sean is abducted by Aliens live on air, either that or the dial up internet connection in Stoke failed.

The second part descends to its usual levels with a review of entrants into Wargames Room 101 since the Summer Brews Episode and then Sean and Alex get to have a go at the new Desert Island Wargame Section.

Then for a finale its the usual "Ask Our Nora" section where the panel demolish the listeners questions. Sean once again is beamed up during the section but returns a short while later after a good probing by the Greys.

Brews in the Binyard is a bit Marmite, some of you love it more that the other "normal" episodes whilst others don't get it. Its designed to be fun, its a bit slack when it comes to editing out naughty words, we make a few jokes. So you have been warned lol.

Merry Xmas to all the listeners and viewers of the Podcast and thank you so much for all your support this year, Yarkshire Gamer has continued to get more followers and listeners during the year and downloads have now exceeded 50,000 which is simply amazing.

Thank you all.

There will be a special one off Awards Show between Xmas and the New Year so until then,


Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

As usual the previous episode with Henry Hyde is now out on the Utubes, this episode will, go on there on Xmas Eve.


  1. Interesting listening. On the "alcohol during wargatmes" question, I remember reading about a WW2 game, Germans v Russians, where before each order phase the respective commanders had to down a shot of vodka or schnapps.......apparently it produced an effective model of command and control deterioration.....
    I'm also surprised that during the discussion on economic wargames there was no mention of Nora Batty's finest - hair roller armies!

    1. Hair roller armies, now you are taking me back 😆