Monday 31 August 2020

From Box to Table : 28mm Carthaginian Foot Painting Tutorial


It's been over 5 years since I last did a From Box to Table feature on the blog, but with my increased use of the Utubes for Yarkshire Gamer content got me thinking and I thought I would try the format in moving pictures.

First subject for the new Box to Table are some 28mm Gripping Beast Hannibals Veterans. Helping out are some LBMS shield decals.

The first video covers preparation on the figure and the shield and covers painting metallics on the model.

The second instalment covers the main painting process.

Whilst the third and final episode goes through the flesh, washes and shields with a bit of a review of the two units I completed at the end.

Each video is about 20 minutes long.

Hope you found the videos of use and it was interesting for me to watch them back to see how little I use detail brushes 🤣
I'd be interested to hear what you think about breaking the video down into 3 parts as I have compared with a single long video like I did for my Horses in Oils videos.

I've got some WW1 Naval Ships on the table being finished off and I've done a Box to Table video on them too which I will post up later in the week.

Friday 14 August 2020

Yarkshire Gamer August 2020 Update


It's that time again, the monthly video update on the goings on at Yarkshire Gamer, still no gaming and the Govt announcements today mean it will be another 2 weeks at least.
So tune in and drop out !

5 new units this month, the 28mm Artisan WW1 Arab Revolt Cavalry in the top pic. The Kingdom of Jerusalem Knights.

Some WW1 Turkish Cavalry 

Some Crusades Command Bases 

And some Carthaginians 

I'm losing hope of getting any gaming in for a long time so back to the paints it is.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Yarkshire Gamer killed the Video Star


Who needs an excuse to get a group picture of the Italian Wars Gendarme 🤔, that will be me then !

Yarkshire Gamer has been involved in a couple of motion picture type things recently and I thought it would be a good idea to put them on one blog post for posterity.

The first was an interview / chat I did with Winston AB Rees for his Utubes channel. He is speaking with a number of "Masters" of the hobby, which I think is Winston being polite and meaning old.

It's a long Podcast type thing so ideal for when your painting or drinking wine on the decking. The most important aspect was me remembering my Tetley Bitter Space Marines, an oft forgotten Chapter of that Sci Fi classic, 40k.

The other video is one of my own from the Yarkshire Gamer Utubes. There is a thing going round the Video Channel world where people talk about their starts in the hobby and on the Utubes. This one is a lot shorter 😎

So thanks a lot for watching, monthly update coming soon.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Troops on Parade - Kingdom of Jerusalem

The joy of finishing a Project, even a small mini Project within a larger Project never lessens. Regular readers will have seen this group of Kingdom of Jerusalem figures grow from 0 to 98 over the last few months.

There is a video run through above if you have time, all new Subscribers to Yarkshire TV are welcomed with a good brew and a Eeh Up 😁

This will end up being probably a quarter of my Christian Crusades Force 1 x 12 Mounted Knights, 1 x 12 Mounted Sergeants, 1 x 24 Foot Knights, 1 x 24 Melee Weapon Foot Sgts, 1 x 24 Crossbow Sgts and a 2 x fig command base.

All the figures are from Fireforge Games, Decals from Battle Flag and Flags from Flags of War. I just put them together, painted and based them.

The nit pickers and rivet counters were out of their cage a bit on my last Crusades post so just to make it perfectly clear this is my interpretation of a Kingdom of Jerusalem force, it's a bit too uniform, it's a bit "hollywood" as someone called it. I like it, quite a lot actually.

Individual unit shots next, 1st the 24 man Crossbow unit, all bases are 60mm x 50mm (except command) with the 60mm as frontage on the foot and 50mm the frontage on the horse (I.e. 50mm x 60mm) the extra depth on the mounted stuff.

Next up the 24 Foot Sergeants with Melee weapons.

The 24 Foot Knights.

The 12 Mounted Sergeants lurking in the background, these are on the 50mm frontage two to a base. Mostly to protect the figures but the extra depth allows for a more "dynamic" placing of the figures to get a better feel of motion.

The final unit is the strike force of 12 mounted Knights in all their finery.

The final piece is this command stand, both individual figures from Fireforge, their wonderful King Baldwin IV model with his silver mask and gloves. The standard bearer is a French knight model, I simply binned the shield and used a spare one from my Knights box to give him the same livery as the others.

So there you have it, my Kingdom of Jerusalem force complete and shoved in a box waiting for the call to arms.

Monday 3 August 2020

28mm Crusades Command Bases

A quick show off post today of some new command bases for my 28mm Crusades Project. These figures are from 1st Corps / Curtneys Miniatures and I picked them up from the York show a couple of years back.

I am always really slack when it comes to Command Stands and end up with armies hundreds of figures strong with no commanders, so to get four (The other one will be in the Kingdom of Jerusalem force review later in the week) done at this stage of the Army build is pretty remarkable.

Base number one is based on my Red Knights unit (a later Hospitaller unit) and consists of a musician and standard bearer, flags are from Flags of War.

Second base is for my St Lazarus Knights, those of you who are familiar with the blog may notice that my choice of command stands is based around left over decals from previous units, not that I'm tight or anything 😁

The commander figures are basically the same but with different head and weapon options, this one has a bishop type head and a made.

So there we have three command bases ready for our next Crusades game whenever that will be, Kingdom of Jerusalem and of Project shots coming next.