Thursday, 13 August 2020

Yarkshire Gamer killed the Video Star


Who needs an excuse to get a group picture of the Italian Wars Gendarme 🤔, that will be me then !

Yarkshire Gamer has been involved in a couple of motion picture type things recently and I thought it would be a good idea to put them on one blog post for posterity.

The first was an interview / chat I did with Winston AB Rees for his Utubes channel. He is speaking with a number of "Masters" of the hobby, which I think is Winston being polite and meaning old.

It's a long Podcast type thing so ideal for when your painting or drinking wine on the decking. The most important aspect was me remembering my Tetley Bitter Space Marines, an oft forgotten Chapter of that Sci Fi classic, 40k.

The other video is one of my own from the Yarkshire Gamer Utubes. There is a thing going round the Video Channel world where people talk about their starts in the hobby and on the Utubes. This one is a lot shorter 😎

So thanks a lot for watching, monthly update coming soon.

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