Sunday 11 December 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 35 - Henry Hyde, Hairdryer, Mud Rant


Episode 35 of the Podcast sees the first of a two part interview with one of the stalwarts of the Wargames Hobby, Mr Henry Hyde.

The link is below or just search for Yarkshire Gamer Podcast on your Podcast Host

There isn't much that Henry hasn't done in this hobby over the years, as an author, Podcaster, Magazine Editor, Wargamer, Artist etc etc etc etc !

He has been a guest and an interviewer on many occasions in the past so I've given Henry the full Yarkshire Gamer treatment and hopefully you will find out something you didn't know before, you certainly won't have heard his wonderful "Red Mud Rant" and the reason behind the soon to be released Battlegames branded hairdryers 😉

As you would expect with me and Henry this wasn't a 5 minute chat, this 2 and a half hour discussion covers what you would normally get in the first two parts of a "normal" episode and I cut the big game chat short !

We will be back next week with part 2.

All things Henry can be accessed via his website

Until next time


Regards Ken 

The Yarkshire Gamer 

Oh and if you missed the last episode it's available on the Utubes 

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