Saturday 23 October 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 16 - Wargames Room 101


Here we go with Part 2 of the Brews in the Binyard Episode.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE - This Podcast contains at least 14 naughty words.

If you missed Episode 15 I was talking to Alex Sotheran of Storm of Steel and Sean Clark of Gods own Scale, it took us nearly 2 hours to get to the end of what is normally the first section of what is normally my first section of the Podcast, so a strategic decision was made to cut the recording in half and present it in two separate episodes.

So we start where we left off and have a short Big Game discussion (having covered a lot in Part 1). We then go into what can only be described as a "very different" Yarkshire Gamer Quiz. With Alex and Sean taking the quiz at the same time and Alex doing the quiz pretending to be me it made for the longest ever Quiz but probably the funniest.

Up next in homage to Seans Gods Own Scale Virtual Library I introduce Yarkshire Gamers Wargames Tip or Wargames Room 101. So if you have a particular aspect of Wargaming that's a pet hate for you then, if you can persuade me, I'll chuck it on an old trailer and take it down tip for you. Tune in to hear the choices of my two guests. 

We end the show with a #askournora Wargames Problem Page which generated some really interesting discussion. I finally disclose my detailed painting philosophy.

Alex produces excellent Battle Reports, Reviews and Painting Tutorials on his wonderful channel Storm of Steel

(3) Storm of Steel Wargaming - YouTube

Whilst my other guest hosts the brilliant God's Own Scale Podcast, broadcasting small scale loveliness to the world on a regular basis

God’s Own Scale Podcast (

Pop along and enjoy their content (obviously after you have listened to this first !)

I really enjoyed doing these episodes and hope to persuade Alex and Sean to come back and do a Brews in the Binyard special every now and again.

Back on the 2nd week of November with an interview with Jason Weiser who has just launched a new Wargames Magazine called Military Miniature in the US.

If you missed Episode 15 it's avaliable to watch on the Utubes 

Back soon, Sithee 

Regards Ken 
The Yarkshire Gamer 


  1. What a thoroughly enjoyable couple of episodes. A great listen. The "supergroup" will have to do more performances after this cracking debut. All the best Andy.

    1. Many thanks Andy, I definitely hope to "get the band back together" again soon 😀

  2. Ken, the best show yet and the quiz made me laugh out loud! Really enjoyable and Alex and Sean were great guests.
    Thank you!