Friday 2 September 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 30 - Carlo Pagano The Sands of Sudan


It's been a month or so since the last episode so it's great to be back with another Big Game Chat.

This time we are off to Perth, Australia to talk with Carlo Pagano about wargaming in general and his reconstitution of Peter Gilders Sands of Sudan Rules.

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As usual we had disappeared down a rabbit hole within 15 minutes of the start but I'm sure you all tune into wargames Podcasts to discover the difference between Crown and Flat Green Bowling anyway !

It's back to the usual 4 part format, we learn about Carlos' wargaming history and his love of Big Games. Whilst the Quiz reveals yet more food choices from your Local Fish and Chip Shop as well as what pet hate has been banished into Wargames Room 101.

The Big Topic is all about Colonial Wargaming, something we haven't covered before on the show so there is a good chat about that before we move onto the Sands of Sudan Rules.

Carlo has managed to piece together the rules from old scraps of paper left at the Wargames Holiday Centre and information provided by former players. The rules have never been formally published as they were used as a bit of a palette cleanser between Big Napoleonic or ACW games during the Wargaming Weeks that Peter used to run.

Carlo has his website at

The rules can be obtained in the UK from Caliver Books

And directly from Carlo in Australia.

It's great to be back on air and I've got guests booked in now till Xmas and pencilled in until Feb 2023, having too many guests is a nice problem to have.

My next guest is Painter and Author Mark Hides, a Yorkshire Lad, Tune in, in a couple of weeks time as we find out more about life as a Professional Figure Painter.

Regards Ken 

The Yarkshire Gamer 


  1. Lovely! I was one of those who helped Carlo, so I downloaded the podcast for a listen later.

    1. Excellent AJ, hope you enjoy it 👍

    2. You were a sensational help AJ and your stories etc. were great. I bloody hope I remembered to say that…this podcasting’s pretty nerve wracking.

  2. Wow, Carlo even has the camels at rest to go along with the Camel Corps when they are dismounted. I’m impressed.