Wednesday 4 February 2015

28mm AWI - British Artillery - From Box to Table

Perry Miniatures - Tutorial

Fresh off the paint table this week is a battery of British Guns for my AWI army. I have added a battery for each brigade completed, the British Grenadier Scenarios have some games with Howitzers in so I decided to make that as the basis for this unit.

The figures are Perrys, I bought them from Dave Thomas a couple of years back, great figures as always.

The post is my usual Box to Table tutorial style which people seem to like and find useful.

The Guns

First up are the guns themselves, I construct prior to painting and then spray Halfords Matt Black Primer as an undercoat. For a base colour I use Citadel Foundation Fenris Grey.

Next up I have dry brushed the gun carriage with a 50:50 white / Fenris Grey mix and then painted the metal work with 70863 Gunmetal Grey.

To finish the guns off I have painted the barrel using Daler-Rowney Cryla Bronze and then given the carriage a wash of Devlan Mud GW ink and the barrel a wash of Ogryn Flesh GW Ink, it looks a bit dark in the photo but this was taken just after the wash was applied.

The Figures

Guns done we can move onto the figures themselves. Always high quality these needed a minimum of flash removal / clean up and then the Halfords Black Primer.

I do the large "messy" areas first starting with the trousers, I am literally splashing it all on at this point any mistakes will get covered or cleaned up later.

On the left, as viewed is the basic primed figure, then moving left to right we start with a full coat of 70990 Light Grey, next an overbrush of 70883 Silver Grey and a drybrush of 70820 Off White, finally picking out the highlights out with a 70951 White.

I seem to have lost a photo here, there should be a pic of painting the coat, base is a coat of 70899 Dark Prussian Blue with a highlight of 70965 Prussian Blue, I usually add a touch of white to the blue and do a small highlight on the extremities like the elbows.

The picture above shows my next steps, right to left this time, facings base coated Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red and highlighted Citadel Colour Blood Red. I will then use 70875 Biege Brown to block in the face, hands and any wooden accouterments. I will then add a highlight on the none flesh brown of 50:50 Beige Brown / Tan Yellow.

Right to left, the belts and turn backs are block painted with 70883 Silver Grey then highlighted with 70951 White, next up is the lace added, Citadel Foundation Ivanden Darksun as a base and a highlight of 70915 Yellow to make the lace "pop".

My usual figure finish, right to left, the face and hands is blocked in 70804 Beige Red, highlighted with 70815 Basic Skintone and then washed with Ogryn Flesh. I have also added a Devlan Mud wash to the wooden bits of kit.

The Base

A 60 x 40 mm 2mm MDF, I get mine from Tony at ERM, I glue the figs down and when dry slap a bit of plaster on the base, blending out the figure bases and leaving a nice textures surface for the next stage, leave to dry overnight.

Paint the whole base, Miniature Paints Earth Brown and then when dry, drybrush with a white / buff 50:50 mix.

I'll then add some random dollops of basetex, again leave to dry overnight before a drybrush of yellow. I finish the bases off with some grass tufts as below.

The Finished Unit

Just off the back of the TMP discussion on turnbacks and equipment colour below is my reference from Blandford Press, Uniforms of the American Revolution 1975.

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