Saturday 24 January 2015

28mm SCW - International Brigade - New Unit

Republican Reinforcements, "You are History, You are Legend"

The latest recruits to the Republican cause are these fine fellows who will volunteer to fill out another 2 units of International Brigade. I already have the Canadian "Mac Paps" and the Irish, Connolly Column. I will probably use them for a British unit and maybe an American one, I just need to invest in some Standard Bearers.

These are the last of the figures I bought at Vapnartak York 2014, just one week before the 2015 show, that's planning for you. Might have to buy some more then.

The figures are mostly Musketeer Miniatures from their various Inter War ranges, the Maxims are from Empress Miniatures and a couple of Warlord WW2 Partisan figures might have sneaked in the back door.

After doing a fair bit of reading on the Brigades over the years, lack of uniform seems to be key, one memoir talks of arriving at the unit and each man being issued a "uniform" and when the men opened the kit not one of them had the same as any other.

I decided against a box to table tutorial post as each of the figures has a different set of clothing, I painted them in groups of 5 using a colour at a time to paint trousers on one figure, hat on the next etc to get a good mix of looks. It helps having lots of different (50?) shades of grey, green and brown.

To enhance the effect I have used different figure ranges. You only need to look at a photograph of the Brigades in the early part of their service to see that every other man has different headgear.

Not sure when these will get their baptism of fire as we don't have a definitive plan for our next SCW game. Lots of other stuff planned, sure we will fit a game in at some time.

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