Thursday 20 July 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 44 Pete Berry Baccus 6mm


Todays guest is well known within the Wargames World for being Mr 6mm, but there is a lot more to Pete Berry than that.

You can access the episode from the link below, or download it through any major Podcast Host, if you get chance please leave a like and review wherever you got it from.

Its a great chance to discuss his wargaming background and a love of Big Games going back to huge games using 15mm Medievals and classic old school Napoleonic Plastics.

Forlorn Hope are still a big favourite set of rules for ECW here at Yarkshire Gamer, written by Pete back in the 80s its great to discuss the rules and how they have survived over time, his interest in the period and how renactment of the period influenced his rules development.

There is of course a chance to chat about the 6mm - 28mm "divide" and how many of the myths around 6mm gaming and 28mm Big Gaming actually aren't that different.

We take a trip into the features section with the quiz and a great entry into Wargames Room 101 before moving on to talk about Baccus Miniatures and the 6mm focused show that is The Joy of Six.

You can look at the Baccus range on their website below,

Baccus 6mm

and get some details about the show below,

Joy of Six (

My next guest is hopefully Mark Hides who runs a Professional Painting Service, Conflict in Colour. As well as that Mark is an author who runs a great blog. We will also go all gooey eyed over the old Sheffield Triples show, still, for me, the greatest Wargames Show ever.

And in case you missed it last time, here is the utubes version of my interview with Paul Thompson of EWM Miniatures.

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