Monday 25 September 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 47 David Manley - Naval Wargaming


Welcome to Episode 47 of the Podcast and this time we take a look at one of my  favourite Wargaming niches, that is Naval Wargaming.

The episode is avaliable on all major Podcast hosts or via the link below

And to help me on that journey I have press ganged David Manley to guide us through a minefield of turning circles, broadside markers and wind gauges.

David has been involved in Naval Wargaming most of his life, inspired by his fathers service in The Royal Navy in WW2, he has gone on to a career in Naval Ship design and currently uses wargaming within his course content at UCL.

If its Ancient Galleys, Ships of the Line, Pre and Post Dreadnoughts or Nuclear Powered Carriers, David has written a set of rules for them or desigend a 3d ship for them so who better to help us get our feet wet.

David's rules and 3d ships can be found on the link below,

Sit back and enjoy our chat about all things Naval.

The next episode will be out in 10 days, its already recorded. I will be speaking with Peter Thompson who is the owner of Pro Arte, The manufacturer and supplier of paint brushes to Yarkshire Gamer (and a few others !) for over 40 years.

The last episode is also now available on the utubes

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer


  1. Great...just got some new airpods!

  2. Nice to hear my old mucker David Manley. Memories of games as part of the Trowbridge Irregulars. Not many naval games ironically! Mostly Fire and Fury and Spearhead.