Thursday 14 September 2023

The Grand Final of The World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules


OK it's time to vote, it's the Final !

Voting open until 14.30 on this Sunday 17th Sept.

#WW2 vs #Napoleonics - Sean Bean as Sharpe vs Anthony Hopkins as Frost - @TooFatLardies vs @TooFatLardies - skirmish vs skirmish (insert shaking head emoji)

#wargames #wargaming #history

We have a winner ! 

On the 22/7/23 The Yarkshire Gamer World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules began.

105 sets of rules were nominated, 14,111 were votes cast. At the end there could be only one winner and that of course is Wargaming 😎

With 612 votes to 575 Chain of Command is thetop dog over Sharp Practice. 

Congrats to @TooFatLardies and @Dozibugger for getting 2 sets of their rules in the final it's a fantastic achievement in itself especially with the volume of votes cast.

Although our tables look very different I admire massively their drive and determination to push the boundaries of our hobby, to make it accessible to more people. By doing events like those at the Hartenstein Hotel and the We Have Ways Festival they are fantastic ambassadors for our hobby.

I think that the Lardies and their community do an excellent job in spreading a brand of fun and interactive way of Wargaming that is not only entertaining but is also firmly based in the history.

I Salute You

Now stop mucking about with skirmish games and get some figures on table 🙄 😆

Regards and Respect 

The Yarkshire Gamer

#wargames #wargaming #history #tabletopgaming 


  1. Funny - I have played (and like) both these rule sets! Well done on organising this Lee - its been interesting to follow, even if I am too much of a Luddite to use FB to participate in the selection process!

  2. Well fingers crossed for CoC - I have never played a rule set so much and not tweaked it. OGp is clearly from the same stable but for some reason it doesn't 'do it' for me. I think it's the introduction of some aggregation alongside the randomness.

  3. Knew it all along, wasn't worried. Just a shame BetFred wouldn't take on my wager.