Monday 14 August 2023

Round 2 of the World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules


Round 1 is over and Round 2 will see the seeded rule sets enter and then its a straight knock out through to the final.

There will be one game set off each day for the next 8 days, each poll will be open for 72 hours.

We have 5 Napoleonic, 4 WW2, 3 Ancient, 1ACW, 1 Medieval, 1 Horse and Musket, 1ECW.

Or 13 Big Battle and 3 Skirmish sets (queue arguments about what is a Skirmish Game !

Apologies but voting will only count on Facebook, I appreciate that some people arent on there, but although enjoying, this has been massively time consuming so limiting voting to one source is the only way I can manage it.

Round 2 games below, may the best set win, there can be only one ! 

Game 1

We are off again. RD2 Game 1, it's the #Napoleonic classic In the Grand Manner vs the #ECW new boy For King and Parliament, voting on the link below. Winner through to Quarter Finals 

The winner is, For King and Parliament with 60% of the vote.

Game 2

Game 2 Rd2, is an all #WW2 affair. Classic Rapid Fire vs Battlegroup, both larger game sets in the same period. Battlegroup has really got its vote out in previous rounds, this could be interesting. Link below

Battlegroup again through comfortably with 62% of the vote with nearly 750 votes cast.

Game 3

Game 3 Round 2 sees old vs new in many ways. Will O Group pick the right orders or will WRG Ancients find an obscure ruling in para to force a win !
Get Voting Now (link below)

O Group wins with a whopping 69% of the vote.

Game 4

Game 4 Round 2, an really old school classic against a modern classic. Can nostalgia defeat innovation, 48 fig Battalions and Canister cones, vs sabot bases and card activation, there can be only one, get voting ! Link below

No Room for nostalgia here, Sharp Practice through with 68% of the vote.

Game 5

No rest, it's Game 5 of Round 2. #ACW vs #Napoleonic or USA vs UK, both big battle sets its another great match up. Voting link below.

General de Armee wins through with 60% of the vote.

Game 6

Time for Game 6 Round 2 brings together two very different rules, Black Powder and Too the Strongest.

So will To the Strongest be the Strongest again or will Black Powder drop their rule book on TTS and knock them out (literally).

A close fought contest with To the Strongest going through with 54% of the vote.

Game 7

Game 7 Rd 2 is an absolute banger ! Chain of Command a hugely popular set of #WW2 Rules and Mortem et Gloriam a set of early history rules with a proven track record in the Cup.

Let battle commence ! Link below

A big win for Chain of Command with 74% of the vote means we say goodbye to MeG

Game 8

Final one of Rd 2, the legendary Bruce Quarrie Napoleonics vs Lion Rampant.

At least Quarrie was winning 1 - 0 after I voted 😆

Last one before the quarters so get voting ! Link below

Sad to say my last horse has fallen, Lion Rampant has won with 56% of the vote.

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