Saturday, 29 October 2022

A pair of 1/700 O Class Destroyers


Another quick update to show off two O class Destroyers which have been  completed and commissioned into the Yarkshire Navy over the last few days.

The ships are 1/700 Tamiya kits, they are pretty old mouldings and lacking in Hull detail but at two for 10 quid in this scale, I ain't complaining that much !

First of the two is Pennant number G17 HMS Onslow, this kit has been fitted with 4.7" Guns which were pretty much standard for British early war Destroyers.

Onslow was very active during the war escorting numerous convoys. She was heavily involved in the Battle of the Barents Sea being badly damaged by shells from the German Cruiser Admiral Hipper. Her Captain, Robert Sherbrooke was awarded a VC for his actions that day.

With the second O Class kit I had I decided to use the optional 4"QF Turrets to make HMS Obedient Pennant Number G48

The ship is in the same Camouflage pattern as Onslow but with reversed colours.

I've experimented with a bit of heavier weathering on this model, I am very conscious of not going over the top with it but some pictures of ships that have been at sea for a while look scruffy as he'll so I'm trying different things to get a good effect.

I've got 4 British Destroyers done now and 2 German with another 2 under construction, hopefully I will get a tester game on table in a couple of weeks.

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