Thursday, 20 October 2022

Campaign to End Cruelty to Teddy Bears for Wargames Terrain


There's a dangerous trend spreading through the #wargames hobby, a cruel & harmful trend which is making Teddy Bears (& Beardogs) endangered species. It's time 2 put a stop 2 Teddy Bear Fur Terrain, it's Time 2 Stop the Shave

Please watch the video below

#wargaming #tabletopgaming #warmongers #stoptheshave


  1. Terrible, wanton cruelty. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  2. I hate to bring this up and scar you even more. But it appears that some gamers mutilate various kinds of door mats to make terrain. We of the newly formed ‘Door Mat Liberation Front’ are watching you! You know who you are, be prepared to pay for your crimes!

  3. I’ve just thatched three Irish round houses with fur! It’s the best thing to use and no bears were harmed in the process, it’s proto bear materials much like the stem cells used for Parkinson’s research. You faux eco terrorists better steer clear of my workbench!