Saturday 6 January 2018

Matilda 28mm Queen of the Desert

One of the main goals this year in my attempt at the Analogue Hobbies Winter Paint Challenge is to make a dent in the miniatures pile, a mound that is made of resin rather than lead. I have taken advantage, quite heavily, of the various 50% off offers from Blitzkrieg Miniatures and now have numerous Armoured Fighting Vehicles lying around the house crying out for a lick of paint.

The first three vehicles to roll off the production line are these 28mm Matilda II tanks painted up for my early war North Africa British collection using what regular readers should recognise as my take on the Caunter scheme.

I am rather pleased with how these have turned out, a nice little addition to the British Forces.

These three tanks have been names Mole, Ratty and Hedgehog after characters from Wind in the Willows, it all started a few years back with my first Matilda which I called Fat Badger (because it looked to me like a Fat Badger) after a local eatery. Next up was Tubby Toad who is soon to be joined by Portly Otter making the 6 tanks of this type I have planned for.

The Commander figures are from Perrys and Decals from Doms Decals both of which add some nice finishing touches to the models. With these out of the way I will be doing a battalion for my Mesopotamia collection before returning to the Desert to sort out some Rolls Royce Armoured Cars and some Italian Light Tanks I need for game 2 of our Op Compass Campaign.

So there we have the first new material of 2018, let's hope the mojo keeps rolling along and the tanks rolling out.

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