Friday, 19 January 2018

28mm WW1 Ox Bucks Lt Infantry

School Photo "Stop messing about at the back Perkins"
The latest new unit from the brushes of the Yarkshire Gamer is this full battalion of British Infantry for my WW1 Mesopotamia collection, my apologies for the random appearance of other figures in the back ground there is a game on going and the table doubles as the photo studio.

HQ and MG Section
I have based the unit on the 1st Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, one of the key British units in the conflict.  The Mesopotamia Campaign can be divided into three sections, the initial advance through Basra towards Bagdad which fell short at the Battle of Ctesphion. Then the second phase, the British retreat to Kut Al Amara, the subsequent siege and attempts at relief before the final stage where the British and Empire troops reinforced, trained and drove North again, this time capturing Bagdad.

A Company with some random Turkish Infantry in the background
The Ox Bucks were one of the few British Battalions in the initial drive, British units were brigaded with 3 other battalions, made up of Indian or Gurkha troops. They ended up trapped in Kut during the siege and were either killed or taken prisoner. The unit was reformed in theatre in 1917 around a cadre of around 250 preinforcements who had been en route to the area when the battalion was destroyed. Anyone interested in the detailed history of the unit should check out the excellent website which covers all the various battalions and their war diaries.

B Company
The figures themselves are from the 28mm Woodbine Design Company which is an off shoot of Gripping Beast. With this unit I have deliberately gone for a non uniform look reflecting a unit that has been on campaign for a long time. So you will see all range of headgear, service shirts, shorts, trousers etc in the unit to reflect that.

I plan to use the unit as an under strength battalion with 6 Fig companies early in the war, and add the 2 Fig Lewis Gun Teams in for later period games.

C Company
D Company
The unit will work to be honest as any British Infantry unit of the period, the only direct link to the Ox Bucks is the regimental insignia which is on the side of the few men who have their sun hats on.

Next up on the paint table is a huge 8" Howitzer for this period before we head back to the desert for some more vehicles.

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