Thursday 25 January 2018

HLBC 28mm WW1 8 inch Howitzer

Time for some BIG calibre reinforcements for my British WW1 forces.

I have been looking for an excuse to buy one of these huge beasts for a while, for those who don't know The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company sell a wonderful range of "larger" size WW1 Artillery

In this years Analogue Hobbies Winter Paint Challenge one of the bonus rounds was BFG or Big Freakin Gun, and that was all the excuse I needed. So a quick button press on the old tinterwebnet and an 8 inch Howitzer and crew was en route to Castle R.

This thing is seriously huge, if the crew are 6 ft tall in scale they just come up to the top of the wheels on the gun. 

Rules wise god knows how this will work, what size of a beaten zone ? Its going to cause a headache for those who fire it as well as those who it lands on.

I have painted the gun itself in the standard dark khaki green for British Artillery of the time, I haven't been able to find a picture of an 8 inch Howitzer itself in action but those I have show the guns still painted in there basic green rather than a desert sand colour.

Unfortunately none of these beasts were used in Mesopotamia which is what my main collection is based on however 2 did turn up in Palestine in 1917 so that' my excuse, might even buy some tanks as well.

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