Friday 2 February 2018

Rolls Royce Armoured Cars and AK Interactive Paints

The name Rolls Royce, ouses class and refinement and whilst these Armoured Cars may not have hand stitched leather interiors the long bonnet and sleek lines do set them apart from the rest.

The 2 AC with my latest batch of desert stuff
The models come from Perrys excellent 28mm Desert range and come with the body and turret in resin and the details in metal. The model comes with the command figure with the service cap, I put the guy with the binoculars from the separate Tank Crew set to give a spot of variation.

"No need for the binoculars Tarquin, I'm right next to you"
The models are everything you would expect from Perrys. Excellent detail, virtually no flash, just no nonsense great gaming models.

Total Gridlock
My now rather large collection of British vehicles are painted using the Caunter Camouflage Scheme, I think that the extra work that goes into applying this really pays off when it comes to looks.

Over the years I have used various colours representing the fading process that some batches of the silver grey (which is more like a green grey) went through as they changed to blue grey. I have mostly used the Dark Blue Grey, Blue Grey and Pale Blue Grey Vallejo Paints for this.

Now my thinking on this has always been that the blue grey became more prevalent as the war progressed, it would have been harder to source home made paints and local suppliers would have been sought whose pigments etc would have had a different formula.

So with this in mind I decided to invest in the AK Interactive Caunter Paints (shown above) which are easily found on the internet. If anything was going to have the official colours it would be units in the theatre at the start of the paint scheme.

So these vehicles have been painted with the AK set shown. The paints come in the same 17ml drop bottles that the Vallejo Paints come in. Over the last few years I have changed over to nearly 90 % Vallejo when it comes to paint, I find their range both consistently high in quality and wide in scope.

The AK paints appear to be more "grainy" if that makes sense and after a couple of coats there is a bit if a lip between that and the next colour. Coverage is good, although I found the paint needed to be out of the bottle for a minute or so before it started to cover properly.

I am also not sure about the darkness of the "Slate" colour on the models, it's considerably darker on the box, it may just be that I haven't mixed the paint enough as with all new acrylic paint it is likely to have been sat around for a while and the paint separated.

Now don't get me wrong, these are not bad paints and I would recommend them to anyone, it's just a few minor differences between AK and Vallejo that stand out after using Vallejo for so long.

I needed these for an upcoming Op Compass game, I will definitely use this scheme again, probably on some A9 Cruiser Tanks but I am going to switch to RAL8000 and German Armour next.

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