Friday 12 March 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 2 - Legendary Wargames


This episode really goes BIG when it comes to Big games and I am joined for a chat my another Gamer from God's Own County, Richard Harris.

You can listen to the episode below in the embedded link.

We discuss Richards entry into the hobby, restricted of course to just 4 minutes before talking about a recent feature that appeared in the Yorkshire Post newspaper covering the wargaming weekends that Richard runs under the Legendary Wargames banner.

Lots of big game fun hope you enjoy it.

Direct link to the Podcast episode 

And if you missed it first time round below is the first full episode, now on the Utubes 


  1. Hi chaps
    I've attached a link to video that I took at the WHC back in the day. You'll be able to see the table in all its glory also Pete Gilder makes an appearance as does Mike Ingham . Doug Mason shows up as does Peter Morbey. Enjoy

    1. That is brilliant Tony, thanks so much for sharing that. Some great memories (and hair styles) on there. Smoking at the table too !

    2. You mentioned the SODs in your first podcast, I was a member and as you say we put on lots of big Napoleonic games at various shows. Mike Ingham who bought the WHC from Gilder was also a member of the SODS and we had lots of big games up in Folkton.
      Chris Flowers whose collection is used by Legendary games was also a SOD. I first got the big game bug after going to Bridgefoot House where Gilder had his original WHC.

    3. Cheers Tony, I know Chris Flowers quite well and I knew that he had been involved with the SODs, what great display games they put on, I hope to speak with some old faces from that time in the future 👍

  2. That was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning. Big games are right up my strasser! Pretty much all we do week in week out at Marauder Moments (disease permitting!).
    Keep it up chum, best wishes,