Tuesday 2 March 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 1 - World War of the Roses


Today sees the release of the first full length episode of Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big Wargames Podcast and it sees me talking with Gareth Lane and Chris Breeze about all things Big Game and their #worldwarroses Project.

There are two cracking efforts at the "My Wargaming History in 4 minutes Challenge" and both Guests try their hand at the "How Yarkshire Gamer are you quiz" ! Something for all you Big Game Gamers out there. 

The boys then talk about their World War of the Roses Project and the associated Painting Competition which has an amazing prize (even better than the Speedboat on Bullseye 🎯) Would love it if you could drop by and have a listen to the Podcast and support it in its early days. There are a few sound issues but for a first attempt I am damn proud of it.

Pics courtesy of Chris Breese @winston_ab_rees

Regards Ken The Yarkshire Gamer

The Podcast Pilot Episode is available now on the Utubes 

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