Friday 5 March 2021

28mm Republican Roman Infantry Painting Tutorial


As I approach the end of my Punic Wars Legion build its time to answer one of the most asked questions I get, no, not the "why are you in my garden at 2 in the morning dressed as a chicken" question, the how do you paint those question.

So above is a Utubes video covering the very same, an in depth paint along video as I complete a base of 28mm Victrix Allied Italian Legion Triarii. I have covered everything including basing.

In between moaning about wet palettes and the "thin your paint" brigade I do actually give some tips about getting decently painted Big Armies to the table, apologies its a bit long but it covers a lot of stuff and techniques and it's free !

So if you're not spending your weekend listening to the Yarkshire Gamer Podcast

Then give the vid a watch, better still do both, you are in lockdown after all 😉