Monday 28 March 2016

1/3000 WW2 Soviet Baltic Fleet

Navwar Ships ready for some Campaign Action

The Fleet
Those of you who follow the blog will be aware of our plans to go all Baltic on you for our annual Naval Campaign. It's an ideal location for a set of scenarios and the mine / submarine aspect will give us a chance to try out some different types of game.

Battleships Marat and October Revolution
I purchased the ships from Navwar who must be the only company I know of who don't have direct ordering from their website, I had to scrat around the house for my cheque book ! Great service though they arrived after only three days.

Cruisers Kirov and Maxim Gorky
The Soviet Baltic Fleet is fairly small and a nice quick project. 2 Battleships, 2 Cruisers a couple of Destroyer Leaders and 20 or so Destroyers.

12 Project 7U Destroyers
6 old WW1 Novick Destroyers
4 Project 7 Destroyers
A couple of Project 30 Destroyers  (for something different)
So these guys are ready for action, I've got the remaining Germans I need for the Campaign on the paint table. After that Project Jutland begins in earnest.

I did a tutorial on my basing techniques HERE if you like the style.

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