Sunday, 17 April 2016

Project Jutland - Dreadnought Wonderland

The 1st 16 are done

Those in the know will remember me getting talked into doing all the ships for a refight of Jutland in November at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. This weekend instead of "wasting" my time going down to "that" London and Salute, I stayed oopt North in God's own County to get some ships finished.

I have been posting progress on Google plus  (why not join the Naval Wargaming community today to get more boring pics of ships being painted !) but this morning I finished my first batch of 16 ships, worthy of a blog post. The pic above shows them all, 8 Germans and 8 British.

4 Orion Class
Three of the KGV class
And the one off HMS Erin
There are 28 British Battleships to get done (Battlecruisers done already) so 8 makes a nice dent in the Totals.

The 4 ships of the Kaiser class for Jutland
And the 4 König Class
The 8 Germans represent half of the 16 Dreadnoughts present for that fleet. The rest of the Germans  (including the 6 pre Dreadnoughts of the 5 min fleet) are on route to Castle R as we speak.

Which just leaves me to post some more pics of the ships,

SMS König
SMS Kaiserin
HMS Thunderer
SMS Kaiser
Thunderer  (again)
The British Battle line stretches off into the distance.
That last photo makes me realise how long the line will be, that's just 8 ships. Back to the grind, the next 12 ships won't make themselves.

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