Monday, 25 April 2016

Project Jutland - Rule Britannia

Britannia Rules the Waves

HMS Superb fires her broadside
The project continues a pace this week with 12 British Dreadnoughts completed and ready to sail. All these ships are 1/2400 GHQ and based and painted in the usual way. If your interested in the how, I did a tutorial on the method, Click Here to go to the post.

The Dirty Dozen

The two 15 inch gunned ships of the Revenge Class, the eagle eyed will notice that I have left the rear mast off. Although these are models they are gaming pieces first and I have left off the more delicate, exposed parts of the models to prevent breakages later.

Colossus and Hercules
One of a kind HMS Neptune
The mighty 7 turreted Agincourt
The three St Vincent Class Ships
The three Bellerophons
So that's 20 of the 28 British Battleships done and the last batch of 8 plus a rogue Battlecruiser I missed first time round are in the workshop, the rest of the Germans are somewhere in the postal system so things are cracking along nicely.

A couple of pictures of the 12 new ships in line which illustrates the space issues we need to overcome for the refight in November, base to base these 12 nearly fill a 6ft table and the battle line is twice this length and will need manoeuvre room between ships. I have the seed of an idea germinating for Sqn movement bases but it will need some thinking about.

Some random shots to finish off, I am really enjoying putting this collection together, it's not been cheap, but my other financial backer has made it possible. I hate to think how much the whole thing would cost to put together if I was paying for the painting as well. Just out of interest how much do you think you would have to pay for one of these if you went to a professional painter ? I have no idea, might need to insure it !

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