Thursday 11 June 2015

Empire of the Dead - Vampire Faction

Westwind Productions

The Gang are here
Regular readers with know that weird stuff is not my normal bag, however after a month of Green Ochre and WW1 Turks I needed a change of scenery. I started some of these last year and my previous efforts can be found spread throughout this blog.

The Graf, The Missus, The Guardian and some Bats

These are of course from the Empire of the Dead range of figures from Westwind and very nice they are too. Nice clear detail and a joy to paint.

The Thralls
Painting single figures still feels a bit weird but it was a nice change from my usual conveyor belt method.

The Graf, nice sword mate, looking a bit peaky though.

The Missus, shes a looker

The Guardian

Thrall 1

Thrall 2

Thrall 3

Bats and gravestones, The End
So there we have a drift into weirdness, back on track with some 15mm SYW on the paint table next.

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