Tuesday 9 June 2015

WW1 Turkish Artillery and MGs

Woodbine Design

Last month I put up a Box to Table tutorial (HERE) covering my latest recruits to my 28mm WW1 Turkish Force. I had placed rather a large order with the Woodbine Design boys in the early hours of the morning and included in that was some artillery and some Mgs.

For the last few years in our WW1 in the East games our Turkish Artillery has always been "off table" for the sole reason that I didn't have any. I put that too rights this order with a order for two Turkish 75mm Guns and Crews, there is a slight discount for buying two guns and at half 3 in the morning when I ordered them it seemed the right thing to do.

So here we have them, painted in the same style as the tutorial and based ready for action, our WW1 Gallipoli game is ongoing and these will see action in the next session. Write up here.

Also in the order were a couple of MG bases to add to the one I already had, this will give me one base per battalion.

I also picked up a pack of the higher level Turkish Command to act as a Regimental HQ.

And just too finish off a couple of pics of the order all completed and ready for the table, more than happy that I got all of these done in under a month.

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