Monday, 22 June 2015

15mm SYW Blue Moon British Infantry - Finished Unit

Back in February I reviewed some 15mm British Infantry figures which I had recently purchased over the tinterwebnet, made by an American Company, Blue Moon. See the review HERE or you can find the figures to buy (if you like them that much) from Old Glory UK. The flags are from the ever useful GMB Flags.

So here we have the first painted unit, representing Napiers 12th Regt of Foot at the Battle of Minden, 20 figs based in 4s on a 40 x 20 mm base size. I haven't done these as a Box to Table tutorial as they are very similar (in fact the same !) as the Hanoverian Infantry I did here.

Front and rear shots of the unit.
Ok, so what do I think now I have painted them, I'm relatively happy, without falling in love with them, my initial concerns made in the figure review regarding the faces proved correct on some of the figures. My painting style seems to suit detailed sculpts and I tend to work better when the figure guides me rather than having to paint in details, that and my eyes are starting to struggle with 15mm figures.

I would have liked a bit more definition on the front of the figure and found the cross belt particularly difficult to locate. I'm not saying these are bad figures, they are far from that, I will certainly be using them to complete the Brits I need for Minden, they could, for my painting style, use the odd tweak here and there. They are certainly better than anything I could do, my attempts at figure sculpts always end up looking like a wax work model that's been in a fire !

One of the discussion points that arose on TMP from the initial review was that of comparison with other figure manufactures, so I have added some pictures of other makers stuff for you to compare.

Right to left, as viewed, Friekorps 15, Essex, Old Glory and then Blue Moon. Thanks for listening.

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