Wednesday 17 December 2014

28mm AWI New Unit - 55th Foot and Brigade Review

Project 2014 complete !

More of a personal post this week after a lot of game AAR posts and box to table tutorials. Presented here is my last Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic British battalion the 55th Foot. 20 figures based in 4s on the elongated bases to protect the plastic muskets as discussed in previous posts. The staging of Guilford Court House (see previous post and upcoming AAR) did the trick and put the enthusiasm engine into top gear to get these done. The how to tutorial on these is here.

Command section close up

I always try and get an individual feel to each base and use casualty figures to do this

Also finished at the same time as this unit is the main man of the Brigade, Brig James Grant. There is a definite lack of mounted British Colonels around and I have used one of the French mounted figs from the Perry range and painted him up in British colours, it works for me.

And finally....... Roll of Drums........ The completed brigade !!!!

In the front we have the new battalion the 55th, the next line is the 5th and 27th Foot with the 40th and 22nd (see that post as to why its in that battalion is in this brigade) in the third line, 97 figs in total. I'm very happy with the way these have turned out.

So that was my project for the year and unbelievably I finished it, there were WW2 and SCW distractions along the way, but we got there in the end. Many thanks to those who have followed the brigades progress and your kind comments along the way. Doing this blog has definitely helped me stay focused on getting this project finished this year, Yarkshire Gamer will be a year old in Feb 2015 and the enthusiasm to update with new content and articles remains strong. I have three posts on the back burner at the moment, the Guilford House AAR, a X Wing Campaign update and a Box to Table on AWI British Artillery.

Next years project will be 28mm Ancients, Punic Wars stylee, I have been buying a unit a show for about 5 years and have loads lying around. The target will be 12 units, a unit being 24 foot, 12 cav or 3 chariots. It will already be distracted by WW2 vehicles, SCW and some 15mm Seven Years War I have promised myself to get done. 28mm Italian Wars is calling but I am resisting.

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