Thursday 29 July 2021

15mm Modern Israeli Infantry Painting Tutorial


You might need to sit down before reading this article as I have sat down and painted some 15mm (yes 15mm !) Figures for the first time in ages.

Just to prove that I did it I've done a little a video of the painting 😁 

I go through the paint from start to finish and show all the colours and techniques whilst I do so, I even manage to make my usual wet palette jokes ðŸĪŠ

This is the start of my Arab Israeli project for the mid 80s, the figures are part of the Team Yankee Oil War range and I've purchased a few figs and vehicles over the last few months (which watchers of the Monthly Utubes video update) will have seen. I have to say overall, the quality of the Team Yankee models are very good and I think these have come out reet grand.

Not sure about rules yet, Team Yankee seem very much aimed at the GW audience and everything seems to die very quickly. The presentation of the rules is very high and I am going to try them but with an alternative activation system. I going to trial both a card based and an order chit based system and see how it goes.

I've also got Battlegroup Northag in the house and have looked at 7 days to the Rhine, but videos of the latter have put me off that as I have had bad experiences with multi activation games.

Hope you enjoy the video and you should see this Project growing over the Summer and Autumn months.