Monday, 19 July 2021

WW1 British Naval 1/2400 - Troops on Parade

A few weeks ago I put together a Troops on Parade review of my 1/2400 WW1 German Naval fleet so it was only fair to do one for the British, in fact this was done a few weeks ago I just haven't had time to finish off the editing and release the thing on the world.

Above is an overview shot of the entire Project. 30 Dreadnoughts, 1 Pre Dreadnoughts, 12 Battlecruisers, 15 Armoured Cruisers, 27 Light Cruisers, 90 Destroyers, 2 Aircraft Carriers and an Armed Merchant for a total of 178 ships.

Above is a link to a video run through of the collection with a bit of general chat about the ships and the build of the collection.

The vast majority of the ships were done for our 100th Anniversary refight  of Jutland but over the last few years I've added a number of other ships that weren't present at the battle mostly to fill out gaps for an ongoing campaign.

It's been great putting together both collections but there is a sense of sadness now that they are finished. I'm thinking about doing Italian and Austro Hungarian fleets but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

The vast majority of the ships are from GHQ. There are quite a few WTJ ships which were early resin printed ship of really good quality. In addition to that there are a few C in C ships covering some of the large Flottila Leaders and some Tumbling Dice ships in the ranks of the Armoured Cruisers.

A close up of the Destroyers.

The Light Cruisers 

Armoured Cruisers 

The Big Stuff

Hopefully with the end of Covid we can resume our WW1 Naval Campaign so these should be back on the table before the end of the year.

If you are interested in how I paint and base the ships I did a tutorial on them last year which can be viewed on the link above.

Hope you enjoyed that run through of the WW1 British Naval fleet here at Yarkshire Gamer 


  1. That’s quite an achievement and they look fantastic - how about doing the fleets for the Russo-Japanese war?

    1. I've looked at it a few times but it's very one sided, I definitely think Mediterranean WW1 is the next thing.

      Regards Ken
      The Yarkshire Gamer

  2. A seriously impressive array you have there!

    1. Cheers AJ, a well used collection too πŸ‘

  3. Ken that is a wonderful and inspirational collection.