Saturday 26 June 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 9 - Peter Moreby - Elite Miniatures


Well the Podcast train, it won't stop running, no way to slow down ! 

It seems a lifetime since I started the Reet Big Wargames Podcast but its only just over 3 months and what fun it's been. Plenty more planned, 5 booked in and some fresh ideas on the horizon. Tune in to the latest episode on the embedded player below or follow and subscribe on Podbean or any of the other Podcast hosts.

Episode 9 is my first face to face interview with a guest, everything being previously done on Zoom.

Peter Morbey has been running Elite Miniatures since 1985, the company is still going strong constantly producing new figures and expanding the existing ranges of miniatures.

I was very kindly invited across to Elite HQ (still in Yarkshire) and using my new Zoom H1n Voice Recorder had had a chat and a brew with Pete about all things Big Game.

If you haven't seen Elites ranges before make sure you pop down to their website and have a browse, the new Collectors Series stuff is absolutely superb.

Thanks again for listening and if you haven't already give the Podcast a follow.

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

And just in case you missed the last episode or you just want to listen to it again with some lovely pictures here is a link to Episode 8 with Simon Hall which has been released on YouTube.


  1. I've missed a few of these Ken. Gotta find the time to listen in.

    1. Cheers Ray, plenty of time to catch up mate, thanks for listening 👍