Tuesday 25 February 2020

28mm Mk VI Light Tanks for the Desert

I haven't posted any new stuff for a while as I have been having some nightmares with paint flaking on a bunch of Blitzkrieg Miniatures and it's kind of put me off painting a bit.

The troop of three tanks has two Mk VI B and 1 Mk VI C the former armed with a Vickers and a Besa MG whilst the Cupola less C has a 15mm Besa.

My early war British Forces are for late 1940 and 1941 so most have the famous Caunter Camouflage Scheme. I tend to vary the colours I use to reflect the alterations in hue due to the harsh desert conditions but with these I have used the Official colours from the AK Interactive Caunter Paint Set.

I've added decals from a number of sources but a few weeks ago I picked up some Tank Name decals from Warlord Games and have used them for the first time on the rear of the turrets on these.

We have a Desert game coming up next so I will get these on the table nice and quick.

To add a bit more character I've added some Perry Miniatures tank commander figures, I do love the Perrys stuff, it really compliments my painting style and a splash of the right colour in the right place and they just come to life.

I think with these smaller tanks the Caunter Scheme breaks up the shape of the vehicle as a it was designed to do, in a similar manner to the Dazzle camouflage that started on ships in WW1.

Lots of new tanks coming soon.


  1. They were roughly handled by the Italians at Buq Buq and of course when the DAK arrived it really was the time to retire them from any combat role except for Recce.

  2. I always buy models based on their use in a particular theatre rather than how good they were, YG is all about scenarios not who has the best tank. Absolutely essential for British and Commonwealth Forces in 1940-41.

  3. Yes, by 1941 the Mk VI had had its day, but it still has a charm about it.

  4. Great work Ken. Some lovely early war light tanks there.

  5. Fab painting Ken! They really are rather splendid
    "I always buy models based on their use in a particular theatre rather than how good they were" - well said that man.

  6. Awesome work! They're looking great!