Thursday 7 December 2017

Mark VI Lt Tanks for 1940/1 Desert

I took the opportunity this week to finish off some early WW2 Desert British Light Forces for the upcoming start of our Desert Campaign.

So here we have three MkVI Light Tanks to add to the available Recce units.

All three are 28mm models from Warlord Games, 2 have Warlord Commanders and 1 is from Perrys, the above model is the C version with a 15mm Auto Cannon.

The remaining two tanks have are the B version with the Besa MG. Decals are from Doms Decals (yes I know the 54 is for a later motor battalion, it's my own tabletop numbering).

While I was on the light forces theme, I had a rogue Morris CS9 armoured car hanging around to make up a Sqn, so with the paint out, I finished that off as well.

The vehicles are painted in Caunter Scheme (my version, which is correct, thank you) and are perfect for the early war time frame that our games take place in.

The Analogue Hobbies Winter Paint Challenge is nearly on us again and my plan is to get through loads of Desert Vehicles during the three month, with the Blitzkrieg Miniatures half price offers my house is full of unpainted Desert stuff.

I have a small unit of SYW Art on the table and then it will be full on prep for the challenge.

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