Monday 12 December 2016

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 7 - The Prep

This year's 28mm Prep
Getting and keeping the painting "mojo" is never easy, this year as usual I have had fits and starts of acrylic action. I've found that having a focus and sticking with it has been the key (easier said than done, I know), this year's massive Jutland paint and build focus has certainly set the tone, can YG carry on in 2017 !

2 boxes of Fireforge Templar Knights
Project Jutland has been hailed as a great success but it was in fact a massive failure in that the 2016 project was supposed to be 28mm Crusades so let's have another go !

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (AHPC) is now in its seventh year and is something I have been planning on taking part in for at least the last couple of years but each time I have failed to engage my backside into drive in time to get registered. This year I was ready and managed to get my name on the list of participants.

A mass of 28mm Horse (Crusades, SCW and AWI)
For those who don't know the AHPC is a bit like an Alcoholics Anonymous for painters, a self help group for the sable fanciers of the world, if you like. Organised by the wonderful Curt and his faithful Minions, the participants set themselves a painting target for the next three months and off you go.

Goodies and baddies for "Blakes 7"
There are all sorts of side challenges, prizes and "theme" rounds involved, just the sort of thing to keep you enthused. The entry fee is a painted figure which this year is supposed to be a team or group effort (Still looking for my team if anyone has any ideas) and on the back of that Curt donates to a charity. It's all for fun and it should be a great way to keep the Vallejo flowing.

Woodbine 28mm WW1 Indian Infantry
The rules allow the cleaning and priming of figs prior to the main event so that is what I have been doing and what the photos on this post show.

Some EotD
I've been painting a unit of 15mm SYW Figs every 10 days for the last 3 months so I have no plans to stop that, but as those units are only 16 Figs I will continue to prep them as I go. Start each 10 days period with a new unit and then only start something else when they are finished. Let's see how I get on.

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