Tuesday 27 December 2016

28mm WW1 British Signallers

At the moment I am working up to our usual WW1 Mesopotamian Festive Season game and at the same time adding to my Totals in my attempt on the summit of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

The first 28mm unit finished are this little group of British Signallers, produced by Great War Miniatures, they are a great addition to any collection, a little bit Western Front for our chosen theatre but what the hell, they are great figures.

We use the Toofatlardies rules "If the Lord Spares Us" for our games, in the set using signal bases extends your command radius, since we started playing the set we have used simple plastic Meeples to represent these. I think these might be an improvement. I just need someone to do some Turkish Signallers now.

Individually the figures have great character, here is the Flag Signaller.

Next up is the Binoculars Dude.

Then there is the Pigeon Guy, what a great figure this is.

Followed by the Writer.

And finally, Esther, the Telephone Guy with a little equipment base. I had a bit of fun with this painting the ground sheet as a map of a Mesopotamian Battle and turning one of the supply crates into a box of "Yarkshire Tea"

A great little set of models. They will be in action soon when we have a go at the Battle of Ctesiphon. On the paint table I have a Battalion of Indian Infantry for the said battle nearly done.

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